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HonestDan • 3 years ago 

Well done all for taking part in the 10th Alakajam!

Gamejams are great, a wonderful excuse to be creative whilst avoiding the usual issues that can bog down a usual long-term project.

Alakajam was the first game I entered back in Sept 2017, a month after I'd started learning game dev. I entered with a few people I'd met through streaming, and we ended up making a really fun game for it. I've struggled to find time to enter many other Alajakams since then, but when the beacon was lit for the 10th… Brainoid and I answered it's call. Danae, Aurel and Wan did a great job in launching / preparing for the jam.

As usual with gamejams, we ran out of time to finish implementing everything we started / planned. But still - really proud we tried to create something that was badly scoped as usual :D

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