You're a Pizza Ship!

On a journey to fulfil the Chaos Lords pizza order, you sail through the One True Lands, collecting ingredients, meeting islanders and keeping crew morale high!

We had to delete some stuff to get it to build, but now… the game will crash if you try and play it more than once in a session! So if you want to try again after winning / losing, please restart the client <3 Now we can sleep D:
UPDATE 2: brainoidgames: I fixed the restarting issue in the morning. It turns out Unreal Engine has different script execution order in Editor and for Standalone Builds. Enjoy the game!

Gameplay Trailer

You're a Pizza Ship!

We are a crew of pizza lovers, who sail the seas of the One True Lands to deliver pizza to keep the islanders happy.

You see, the islanders need the happiness Pizza brings. The One True Lands has lately fallen victim to chaos, ever since the one known as the Jellymancer took residence in the eastern lands.

To some, it may seem like we just make pizza. But our crew know that the reality is: we are battling the chaos brought from the Jellymancer, one delicious pizza at a time.

We have just received a very interesting order…

How to play:

Travel throughout the One True Lands in order to fulfil the order made by the Jellymancer.

In order to create the most impressive pizza, attempt to collect as much ingredients on your journey. The Jellymancer will judge your pizza based on its toppings and your preparation skills.

Visiting islands along the way will allow you to gain ingredients for your pizza and maps for saving time. You'll also meet a variety of islanders and be faced with decisions to make as a crew. Be wary, a crew needs good morale to continue sailing the seas - as the journey is long and lonely.

  • Click on islands in order to visit the islands.
  • Select the choice that suits your crew when presented with choices.
  • Two mini games can be found that abstract the process of combat, finding ingredients and preparing the pizza.
  1. Matching game: Click on tiles to reveal what's underneath. Find pairs in order to gain the tiles rewards.
  2. Timing game: Use the C key to drop the ingredients into place on the pizza.

You can scroll with the mouse to zoom in and out on map screen

Didn't have time to get a proper title screen done, sorry you have to Alt+F4 to quit the game :)

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Comments (5)

 • 3 years ago • 

This game was pretty fun, and really high quality for just 48 hours. It's pretty easy, and the minigames are quite hard to actually lose, but they're still fun enough and make the game enjoyable. Good Job!

 • 3 years ago • 

Fun game!

  • many activities, minigames, and how good they fit in game
  • liked visuals & audio
  • story


  • veery slooow game actions performing, it's really need to speed up everything: ship moving, minigames, etc. It will take forever for you to complete a piece of the game ><
  • pretty simple minigames and AI

But still good job!

 • 3 years ago • 

Fun writing and story concept!

The intro crew song was pretty fun as well :)

The game is pretty hard to lose, unless you specifically try to do so.

Mixing up the "board game" core with minigames, instead of just having the outcome decided with random rolls worked pretty well - although I never did find out whether the name of the pizza meant that some ingredients should be ignored or not.

Interesting game!

 • 3 years ago • 

Nice plot, good minigames idea even if they are too easy and great music.
However, the game was extremely slow almost at the point of being unplayable.Pretty sure it's because the game was running at a low FPS at my pc.

 • 3 years ago • 

Hey, there's a song! 2D and 3D graphisms! Some storytelling along the journey, too!

Loved the wario-like pizza minigame, but I was surprised I did not get a free turn when I matched tiles during the memory game. Also, was the AI playing randomly? The better for me :)

You have great imagination, I liked playing your game a lot. Scored an A, too!

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