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Thank you all. 0

Toffie • 6 years ago 

-Quick Post-

I'd like to thank everyone who played my game and gave me feedback.
I really super duper ultra mega appreciate it! I will try to improve
on the game based on your suggestions (once I get my computer fixed).

So… yeah that's about all I wanted to say. ;-)

Oh great. 2

Toffie • 6 years ago 

Welp, looks like I won't be able to make games or
add to my current games for a while. :-|

Yeesh, time to take a nap. 0

Toffie • 6 years ago 

I probably should've slept more.
I'm tired as heckin-heckiddy-heck now. :-|

Hope y'all got enough sleep.
To everyone who's done, good luck with the Jam.
To Everyone who's still working, you can do it!

Fight on!

Alright, that's enough random crap from me.

Thinking... 3

Toffie • 6 years ago 

So… I've been thinking about using Pico-8 to make my game.
Is there anyone that's used it before? I wanna know if it's worth buying.



Hell yeah. 2

Toffie • 6 years ago 

----I'm totally in----

I'll be using GM:S (GameMaker: Studio) and maybe beepbox or FL Studio for music?
I'm super hype for this jam even though my game might not be that good.



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