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Design \o/ 1

Rakart • 6 years ago 

Design is (almost) done, time for integration and then onto levels. If I have enough time (rofl) I'll add some animations.

First (late) update ! 0

Rakart • 6 years ago 

Damn, I usually post regular updates :(.
Day one ended pretty well : the core gameplay is here, game management too. I focused on getting everything done at the end of the first day (albeit some tweaks here and there) and I think I'll finish in time (wich is a first one for me, never made it to the 48h mark).

It's going to be a puzzle/link game based on those strange alchemy circles and symbols with a bit of physics/collisions.
As of now I started working on the design and made some music (wich is a first one too). I still need to finish the design, make some levels and polish all this.

But first, I'll get some rest.
Good luck everyone, I can't wait to play those juicy game you're making !

I'm in ! 0

Rakart • 6 years ago 

Hey guys !

Graphic Designer from Belgium, participated in a few jams before (LD 36,37 & 38) and I'm pretty excited about this one :).
I'll mainly be using Unity and Photoshop, BoscaCeoil/Bxfr if I ever get to make music and finally Prolapse for timelapse.

This will be a solo entry and I'll try to hit the 48h mark (never made it before \o/).
Good luck and, most importantly, have fun everyone !

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