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500'd when trying to create a game on the site 4

Antti Haavikko • 3 years ago 

500: Internal error
Something went wrong, sorry about that.
Please check the help Help page if you have a bug to report.

So here is a gif in the meantime…

Mark your game platforms 1

Antti Haavikko • 4 years ago 

As the title says, edit your game page to include the platforms it supports, there is a specified field for it. It's a huge help for us alternative platform peeps. There are 72 games and 30 of those are marked as playable by me (web or mac), 15 unplayable (windows only) and the rest are unmarked. Sure, it's not that big of a deal with such "low" numbers, can quite easily click through all of them, but it's the thought that counts. The site has these nice filters so might as well use them.

Finished publishing too fast... again 2

Antti Haavikko • 4 years ago 

Anyone else have the same "problem"? I seem to always over estimate how much time all the publishing bits (screenshots, gameplay video, all the builds, writing descriptions etc) take. Happened to me on the last GGJ as well so I spent the last hour running around the site annoying others desperately trying to finish/publish their game.

Well, at least this time I did manage to end up with a game I'm quite happy with. Nothing major I'd like to add or fix, and pretty much nothing had to be scrapped due to lack of time.

Polish mode turn on! 2

Antti Haavikko • 4 years ago 

It's getting there. I'm really happy at the state the game is in right now, it's fully functional at least and has a nice chunk of content already. Might even get to dedicate the rest of the available hours to polishing.

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