Feedback Fortnight has come to a close. Thanks for playing our games!

Alakajam 13 starts soon! September 4th, 12:00am UTC

End of Feedback Fortnight 0

laaph • 2 years ago 

It is with great sadness that I announce that Feedback Fortnight has come to a close. If you haven't played the submitted games yet, even though it's over you can still play the games and give feedback on them.

However, even though FF is closing, the next Alakajam will be starting soon! I even hear rumors that the theme submissions have already started! Make some impressive games for us to rate! And if you aren't finished in a weekend, finish by the next Feedback Fortnight so we can tell you how awesome your game is!

If your game wasn't ready for this Feedback Fortnight, do not despair, Feedback Fortnight will come back soon! Develop and improve your game so that when it does, we will have something to play and tell you what we think about it! See you next time!

Feedback Fortnight has now begun! 0

laaph • 2 years ago 

It's time to give each other's games a try! If you haven't already, find your most awesome game in progress, your work that you'd like to see be a famous game someday, but perhaps it's still a diamond in the rough, and brace yourself for all the, um, nicest possibly said things people will say about it!

Then, go play everyone else's game! Tell them what you thought about it!

Sometimes it's hard to give useful feedback. Sometimes, all you can come up with is, "this isn't fun". But try to tell more. Is it the graphics? Is it the controls? Does the purpose of the game feel futile, or not important enough?

Sometimes, it feels hard to give useful feedback without inadverdantly hurting the person recieving the feedback. We are all going on a limb posting our games here, saying "try this and tell me what you think". Please refrain from simple comments like "this sucks". There isn't much there to be able to improve our game from.

Sometimes game authors take the feedback and immediately implement it, before Feedback Fortnight is finished! Watch the comments of games you've already played, perhaps the author has already implemented your feedback!

Although those small thoughts aren't the entirety of things I could say about giving feedback, in the interest of keeping the post small, I'll stop here. If I haven't said something you think is important, please leave a comment here! In the meantime, go here and try out all the games!

Feedback Fortnight 2021 is about to begin! 0

laaph • 2 years ago 

We know you are working on some game! And we know you need some feedback on it! Is it fun, where are the hidden bugs, did I make the sprites the right color, so many questions, how do we get answers? By playing each others games, and giving feedback!

Due to hectic schedules at the AKJ staff, things are off to a slow start, but the event is about to begin! Submit your game here by August 20 (no penalty if you are late, except less time for others give you feedback), then play everyone else's game, and tell us your opinions!