A boardgameish roguelite heavily based on the Finnish epic poetry Kalevala and its mythologies.

The game, as the name might suggest, is heavily based on the Finnish epic poetry Kalevala and the mythologies surrounding it. The action takes place in a game board where you throw dice to move, attack and eventually delve deeper to the depths of Tuonela.

The game is still very much unfinished and under constant development Albeit a lot slower now that my summer vacation is over. It should be fully playable and relatively bug free though with a hefty handful of different monsters to fight, few unique bosses and dozens and dozens of different items to flesh your character build with. The five different playable characters all have some unique events dedicated to them only.

Not much of a tutorial there yet and probably not even that much needed (I guess we'll see now). Just point and click the dice and then pick a direction (WASD and arrow keys can be used here too to make it easier).

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Sorry for the (Long) delay for the feedback! I had it written down on a txt but somehow I forgot to publish it.

Anyway, I played with the three first characters and really liked how the game works. It seems to be based on Dice Dungeons but it's more focused on how to spend dice points on the map.

The idea of combat it's very cool. It's about finding the balance between movement and attack.

At first I wasn't liking the idea of having to take the exact numbers on dice to reach the chests and the exit. But after a while I got used to the idea and it's sort of interesting. Feels like a puzzle. One downpoint here is how certain abilities reroll the dice I wanted. Like how I was at the side of the exit but I needed only one point and the dice was rerolled automatically because of my abilities.

The animations are really good and the sprites are well done. Nice effects too.

Since this game feels more like a puzzle where you need to manage your resources to get to the exit, it would be nice to have some predictability on enemy movement, like how it happens in Slay the Spire and Enter the Breach. I saw that all enemies attack each other, it would be cool to predict and manipulate their paths to make this happen too.

Sometimes mouse controls got bugged and I had to use the keyboard to control the player.

And there was a game where I managed to marry after I died.

It's a very good game with solid gameplay. Would buy it on steam and play if it was a complete game.

Antti Haavikko
(@anttihaavikko)  • 20 days ago • 

@katuiche Thanks for the feedback! Haven't actually even played Dicey Dungeons but I can fully understand how it can be seen as an inspiration. It is heavily inspired by some other roguelites like FTL, Slay the Spire and Isaac with some classic boardgame inspired mechanics (mainly Ludo). Very much like in Slay the Spire, I wanted to to make everything really revolve around the main mechanic, ie. the dice.

Yeah the item that rerolls all ones is the starting item of one of the characters. You gotta kinda plan and play with it. And of course not every item should be snap taken since it might not mesh well with the others you have.

I really love how Slay the Spire does that enemy intention showing. Don't know if something like that would be possible here. The AI is really simple so predicting their actions should be quite straight forward. They just have aggro range where they start approaching the player (or any other nearest target like a pet squirrel) by the shortest path and wander pretty much randomly if they're too far. There is an item too which will show these hidden stat numbers of enemies (actual numeric hp, range etc) too. Of course the dice rolling for them is still a mystery and a big factor on what they can do but dunno if somehow showing that result would break the game too much.

It's only the "dumb" enemies, the slimes, that attack each other blindly. All the other ones (including even your own pets) try to swap a place with a friendly character (taking two moves) and only attack when there is one move remaining and a swap can't be done.

Yup I heard about the bugged mouse controls from elsewhere too and already found the issue and fixed it. The hitboxes of items with tooltip on the map were on front of the arrows so they blocked click on it. I always use keyboard to pick the directions so I guess that's why it managed to slip by. Wonder how you managed to trigger an event post death. 🤔 They only should happen either at a start of a floor or when you land on a ? square. Did you somehow manage to die between one of those triggers and the event window appearing?

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