Welcome to Keyventureland!

Welcome to Keyventureland, an enchanting world where your keyboard is the gateway to endless adventures! Join our quirky potato-shaped hero, Antonín, as he embarks on a journey across a giant keyboard. You'll help Antonín through a series of captivating mini-games. Test your skills in word creation challenges, memory games, and classic arcade fun like snake and minesweeper. Each key holds a new surprise and every press brings you closer to mastering the magical realm of Keyventureland. Get ready to type, play, and explore like never before!

For the limitations, I mainly started with the: Over-sensitive: Must use as many inputs (keys, buttons, devices, whatever) as possible. The game is basically using the whole keyboard as the world and will probably end up using up pretty much every key there is in its gameplay.

I was going for the Cramped too, using my js13k "engine" but as the jam is so long and new ideas kept flowing, it ended up being way past what I was kinda aiming for and the final build is around 40k. Sure could still call it small but didn't even try to make it that small in the end.

Basically it could be following the Geometron (lines and shapes only: no images) limitation too as there are no actual images and everything is drawn with the basic js canvas drawing tools ie. line, ellipse and rectangle but of course they end up being more than the sum of their parts so dunno…

Also didn't even do it intentionally but I guess the Vestige limitation does apply too as it remembers some of your answers etc and uses them later on.

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 • 7 days ago • 

Amazing idea, which made me realize how bad I'm at following a little bean with a hat jumping around on a keyboard. A slower speed for the spelling mini-game would be great (for me). Other than that, pretty flawless!

 • 6 days ago • 

Not your fault but on my underpowered computer the framerate would sometimes drop to the point where the character would completely skip the frames on a key, turning the 'follow what I type' puzzle into a 'guess the right key sequence!' hell. Looks lovely, I hope to revisit when I'm not using a potato

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