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jam ran June 19-22 

Results of the streamer competition 6

Wan • 4 years ago 

After 24 hours, the streamer competition is now over!

Browse the final leaderboard

Congratulations to @Birdwards for winning the competition. Watching the streamers play the award winners live was fun, so thank you guys for participating. More than that, all the broadcasts throughout the event (from sharing jam progress to playtesting the games) really added a lot to this ScoreSpace x Alakajam!, so big thanks to all who streamed at any point.

Final words

The ScoreSpace x Alakajam! event now comes to an end, and I'd like to give special thanks to @scorespace (alias "KB") for partnering with us, and the ScoreSpace community as a whole for having us host the event on We hope you all had fun, whether you're an Alakajam regular, a ScoreSpace veteran or just a random guy joining either for the first time. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a word on this comment section or on our Discord server.

Our next major event will be the 10th Alakajam! (woo round number), and it will be held during the September 18-20 week-end.

We hope to see you then, have a nice summer!

Jam results out! Streamer competition has started 0

Wan • 4 years ago 

After 5 days of intense playtesting and rating games, the results of the jam are out! Congratulations to the winners :) We also noticed there's a lot of competition on the games already, with 281 high scores already posted on the entries, before the tournament has even started!

Streamer competition

Speaking of tournament, here are the talented winners of the special awards:

For the next 24 hours, all registered streamers are invited to livestream themselves playing those three game and climb on the leaderboard:

Streamers list | Live high scores | Live leaderboard

Feel free to also join the fun by registering from the event dashboard.
Good luck to the streamers and let's all have fun watching them!

The jam is over! 5 days for ratings & feedback 0

Wan • 4 years ago 

Congrats on everyone who entered the jam, we now have a whopping 51 games to discover and rate! High fives to everyone who managed to submit a game, and also to those who could not due to technical issues, time constraints, etc. Making a game in such a short timeframe is always a challenge.

Ratings phase

For the next five days, all of you who submitted an entry or registered as streamers will be able to play, rate and comment on the games for five days. All games supporting high scores will also let you compete and post your best scores with screenshots as proof :)

Please take that chance to actually review, comment on and rate games: the more you contribute to this phase, the higher you karma will be… And having a high karma makes you more visible on the game list. Only games who received enough ratings will be in the final standings.

Special awards and competition

At the end of the ratings phase, three things will happen:

  1. Jam results are released: the final ratings and standings are published, and we'll celebrate the winners of both categories
  2. Special awards winners are announced: the best Solo and Team games supporting high scores will be chosen for the streamer competition, with the third game being elected by streamers themselves!
  3. The streamer competition starts: as soon as the special awards are revealed, a competition starts for 24 hours. It will use the same high score system you can already use, with an additional leaderboard on top attributing points to streamers according to how well they placed. Pick a streamer to root for and expect some cool streams to follow from Saturday to Sunday evening.

See the relevant parts of the rules page for more details on how the awards and competition work.

The theme is CONNECTIONS 5

Wan • 4 years ago 

With the theme now revealed, the ScoreSpace x Alakajam! has started! Good luck to all! And don't forget to support high scores for a chance to win the special awards :)

Big thanks to @DanaePlays and @Aurel300 for hosting the awesome launch stream! If you missed it, you can still watch the replay on her Twitch channel. If you like The Elder Scrolls, you will also enjoy Danae's regular streams, where she usually goes exploring the huge world of Morrowind.

Submission times

You can create your game page at any time during the jam…and update it as you want after it's created, so better create it early! Unlike past Alakajam events, all divisions (ranked or unranked) will end at the same time: Monday June 22d, 7:00pm UTC, which means you have 72 hours. A bonus hour is granted for late entries to create their page.

What about high scores?

Supporting high scores is not mandatory. You can safely ignore the streamer competition and enter the jam, and even why not win it. However, this event is a great opportunity to have a number of players compete on your game, and streamers in particular livestreaming it.

In order to qualify for the special awards and the streamer competition, your game must support high scores, in the forms of a visible score that can be captured as a screenshot. You must also toggle two checkboxes on your game submission page: one for enabling high scores, and another one granting us permissions to use the game for the tournament.

See the complete rules (section "Awards and perks") for additional details on how this works.

Cool things to do during the jam

  • Stream your development process. Join the event as a streamer from your dashboard to let everyone know about it, and possibly get featured on the front page during the week-end! This will also have the side effect to let you enter the streamer competition.
  • Write a blog post: Share your thoughts on the theme, post your progress, images of food or gifs of cute animals. You can also free to use posts for advertising live jam streams.
  • Come relax on the Discord server, tweet about #alakajam and/or follow the alakajam Twitter account.
  • Initialize your game page early!

Everyone have a nice week-end, and see you on the other side ;)

ScoreSpace x Alakajam! / June 19-22 4

Wan • 4 years ago 

The game jam multiverse is collapsing! In June, Alakajam! and ScoreSpace will join forces to offer you a special event.

For 72 hours, from Friday to Monday, all entrants are invited to make a game. Teams or solo devs, beginners and professionals are all welcome to participate. On top of that, in a unique twist to game jams, ScoreSpace brings in the idea of making streamers compete on your jam games.


Detailed schedule

Dates Phase Description
June 5, 7pm UTC Theme submission and voting Submit theme ideas for the jam and vote for all other ideas. Submissions will be eliminated as the week progresses, until only the best remain…
June 12, 7pm UTC Theme shortlist The best 10 themes are revealed. Rank them by order of preference in this final phase of theme voting.
June 19, 6pm UTC Countdown stream An official stream by @DanaePlays is held on Twitch to launch the event!
June 19, 7pm UTC THE JAM!!! Start making a game solo or as a team, and simply submit it before the deadline!
June 22, 7pm UTC End of jam The game development competition ends here, exactly 72 hours after the start time. Submissions will remain open for an additional hour after the deadline. An alternate unranked jam will be held simultaneously for those who want to join and exchange feedback, but not compete.
June 27, 7pm UTC Jam results After five days during which all entrants play, rate and comment on other peoples games… The results are released and the 3 awards will be given! "Developer's Solo Choice & Developer's Team Choice" (highest Overall rated entries), plus a special "Streamer's Choice" (picked by the event streamers) will be kept for the next phase.
June 28, 7pm UTC High score results For 24 hours, the event streamers will compete and livestream while they play the 3 awarded games. Their goal will be to climb the leaderboard and hopefully win the competition. During that time, community members can of course play and submit scores too!


See the full rules for the ScoreSpace x Alakajam event here.

How to enter

All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on this website
  2. Publish your game before the deadline

An event will also be created for those who want to submit their game there. However, the ratings phase will only take place here, so make sure to also submit your game on to be part of the official competition!

An update on the next Alakajam! 4

Wan • 4 years ago 

You may be wondering why little has been announced since the last AKJ Tournament. Behind the scenes, we are actually preparing the 9th Alakajam! to be a special event, and could not announce too much before it is set in stone.

Things are taking shape, so I can tell that the June event should see Alakajam! team up with another community of gamedev enthusiasts :) The two communities make a nice match, as our respective twists to the game jam formula can blend together nicely and make the whole event bigger and more fun. Expect the detailed schedule of this special jam to be announced in the next few days, when all details are finetuned!