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cloakedninjas • 2 years ago 

It's the day after the jam..

We're quite proud of Truffle Kerfuffle!, but we did have bigger plans. Time was against us and we didn't have much left to balance things. Our original goal was to have multiple foxes patrolling the map, and you would need to head back to your little Piggy Shack to deposit the truffles you'd found. When a fox would attack you, it would steal a bunch of truffles and you would need to go to it's den to recover them. We also toyed with the idea of having a slowing mechanic, the more truffles you carried, the slower you'd be able to move.

There's a few glitches, but hopefully no game-breaking bugs!

Happy forraging 🍄

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cloakedninjas • 6 years ago 

From an early prototype this morning… The 0th of hearts wins every time!

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