Truffle Kerfuffle!

Use your attuned sense of smell to find truffles and live the high-speed life of a cute little pig, but watch out for foxes!

I smell truffle!


🐷 Play as a cute little pig!
🐽 Use your attuned sense of smell to sniff out truffles!
☁️ Follow the clouds of truffle smell to find where they're buried!
🔍 While you're in the area indicated by the cloud, keep searching and sniffing until you see the small cloud!
🍄 Once you see the small cloud dig to find truffles!
🦊 Watch out for the fox who will try to scratch you 💫 if they see you 👁️ !
💓 If you get scratched you lose a heart - lose all 3 and it's game over!
🌳 Hide in the bushes to avoid the fox!
⏳ Collect all the truffles as fast as you can!
🏆 Make sure to screenshot and submit your score for the leaderboard!


⌨️ WASD or ARROW KEYS to move
⌨️ SPACEBAR to contextually sniff, dig, or hide


💻 CLOAKEDNINJAS (Programming): Phaser
🎨 TRESLAPIN (Art): Adobe Illustrator
🎵 DORKULON (Music and SFX): Ableton Live 10 + Various Instruments

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 • 2 years ago • 


 • 2 years ago • 

nice graphics and funny idea!

 • 2 years ago • 

Very polished visuals & sfx! Gameplay is a little on the easy side but it's a very wholesome and soothing little adventure. The fox didn't seem to cause me much trouble. I loved the music, very well done! I found one bug where if you hold down movement and hide inside a bush, the camera keeps moving and if you exit the bush you teleport to where the camera is. I beat the game in 4m 5s :).

 • 2 years ago • 

Very cute, love the graphics and audio, expecially the little ears wiggling out of the bush when you hide. Finished in 4min 35s with one run in with the fox, half to see what happened. As per above, not really very challenging but love the vibes. Great work!

 • 2 years ago • edited • 

Cute pig, great soundtrack, fun game. Everything fits together well. You’ve done a good job of creating a mood that is both woodsy and piggish. The fox is also a nice touch.

I was at times confused by the clouds — what exactly do they indicate? But in hindsight that’s probably part of the challenge, and maybe it’s true to life as well — how would a pig sense the world around him? Maybe something like what we see in this game — fleeting, nebulous zones of possibility.

 • 2 years ago • 

It's such a relaxing game. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty enjoyable. Maybe you could add difficulty levels, as avoiding the fox right now is kinda easy. Overall, a good job!

 • 2 years ago • 

I like the graphic and music, it's very cute! The gameplay is quite basic and I didn't really understand the specific of how to scent clouds worked, but I was able to beat the game eventually anyway, so I guess it's not really a problem.

 • 2 years ago • 

Cute graphics and music! The sniffing mechanic is interesting, I also like that the actions triggered by the spacebar change based on the context. The game is pretty easy since the fox isn't actively looking for you and teleports away once it touches you.

 • 2 years ago • 

Really Cute, love the overall art style. The music is also good and fits the cute piggy mood nicely.
The gameplay is sort of the weak point for me. Its ok, just not really challenging apart from trying to do it quickly for the high score, fun enough for a few minutes as a sort of minigame, while you enjoy the overall cute mood though. Theres also seemed a bit of a bug on movement input not responding after I have done a sniff or dig.. maybe its just an intentional cooldown though, not quite sure. Solid effort.

 • 2 years ago • 

A perfect little jam game! Love the music, it's such a fun but inobtrusive theme that I could leave it running in the background forever. I think the gameplay was fine for a jam game and had the right length so people are actually completing it - well done!
The one thing that I wished for during playing, was a way to get the fox to move somewhere. It mostly stayed at the last place that I needed to visit to get the last truffles.
Other than that - I really don't have any gripes, thanks for creating this!

 • 2 years ago • 

Man, this game is just too cute to be true! Love the sound, the art and the overall game design. The contextual use of SPACE Bar is a good idea to logicaly simplify the controls so one can get straight to business: Sniffing out those amazing truffle! sniffsniff

 • 2 years ago • 

Absolutely adorable, I love everything about this game! Great idea to use truffles as fungi. And the little piggy and all its animations are just too cute. I want more difficulties, more levels, more animals, just more :D

 • 2 years ago • 

Very nice graphics and sounds. Really impressive, with many details and polishing.
You must hae worked a lots on this game!

There is a general feel-good move, it's really a success.
The gameplay is a bit too easy and simple, but I guess you did not have a lot of time to balance the game.

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 2 years ago • 

This game is absolutely one of the cutest!
I played it on saturday on my stream.Here is the video with the time stamp where your game starts, if you would want so see it. :)

 • 2 years ago • 

Great presentation! Audio and visual is really good. The enemy doesn't really pose a danger. Which is ok considering the cozy feeling, I guess. Had to restart and play again because I just couldn't find the last one truffle. I think it glitched out. Maybe it was hidden somewhere. Oh well, beat the highscore on the second try! I noticed another glitch. If you walk towards a bush and hide under it while moving you can keep moving whily being in the bush. Then if you pop out, you teleport to the place where the camera is now.
Thanks for the game. It was fun!

 • 2 years ago • 

The amount of cute is off the charts! Especially the ears sticking out from the bushes made me giggle :) Nice and relaxed game, nothing too stressful, very well polished and a lovely soundtrack. My only gripe would be that the controls sometimes seem unresponsive when you press too many buttons at the same time.

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