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heyheyhey • 2 years ago 


REPLICA Framework 1.5
Krita + pen, pencil and paper

The theme — I’m not sure what to do with it, but it has potential. I’ll think of something.


Ivana, Igor, and the Dragon: Post Jam Version 0

heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

Ivana, Igor, and the Dragon v2 features a few improvements, including:

Thanks again to everyone who played and provided feedback during the jam.

Progress report 0

heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

There is so much left to do. This is supposed to be some dame standing near a fire:

Progress Report 2

heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

I was completely paralyzed yesterday — was hoping to put a dent into it, but I never got started. This morning I looked into using Twine but decided on my own framework, REPLICA 1.3. I have some of the basics in place:

Regardless, Twine looks very good — I may use it next time. For now, I stick with what’s familiar to me.

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heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

I'm stuck. All I can do is doodle.

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heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

I was going to create a new framework this week but got lazy and distracted. Not sure what I'll do but most likely I'll keep it simple.

I'll be using the usual tools:

Pencil, pen, and paper
Possibly REPLICA Framework

Good luck everyone.

Ghost Heart Version 2 0

heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

The long-awaited moment has arrived. A post-jam version of Ghost Heart (AK13) is now available:

G H O S T * H E A R T * V 2

It features music by Daniel Birch, a better story, and a new character.


Daniel Birch:
In The Distance, Final Steps
The Shape of Nothing


Natasha’s torso was inspired by a model in Winds of Autumn, a fashion video by Hervé Demers et al.

Two of the derelict robots are derivatives from Towards the Infinite: Twenty Drawings by Kahlil Gibran.

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heyheyhey • 2 years ago 

My second Alakajam.


REPLICA Framework
JavaScript with jQuery
Krita + pencil and paper
BeepBox, jsfxr

Good luck everyone!

The Witch, the Moon, and Alice: New Version 0

heyheyhey • 3 years ago 

A post-jam version of The Witch, the Moon, and Alice is now available here.

This version features more puzzles, new areas, new creatures, music, and a background story.

Thanks go to everyone who provided feedback.

Music credits:

Brian Cavanaugh (cave music, victory music)

John Bartmann:


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heyheyhey • 3 years ago 

My first Alakajam. I know I'm late but maybe I can come up with something playable.


REPLICA 2D Game Framework
JavaScript with jQuery
ChipTone or similar for sounds

Good luck everyone

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