Lost Girl

HTML adventure game

A simple Web adventure game. Takes 5-10 minutes to win.


REPLICA Framework 1.5


Sally is from A Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway

Change Log:

6/19/22: Fixed “falling girl” bug.
6/19/22: Fixed bug that prevented WASD from functioning.

Comments (7)

 • 12 days ago • 

i found a bug which my character move out of the ground, which cause a not good experience.

  • 12 days ago • 

@Andrew18122001 I removed that bug — residue of old code that was buried in the framework. Should work now.

 • 10 days ago • 

There's something rather creepy about the character movement. It adds nicely to the eerie atmosphere.

 • 9 days ago • 

Hi, I'm struggling a bit to understand what to do at the beginning, I have to confess that I am not able to go beyond the locked door XD

  • 9 days ago • 

@mesonpi, walk to the right until you reach a large, key-shaped object. Click space to pick it up. When you are in front of the door of the first house (the one with a sqaure above the door), press space to open it. Inside you’ll find a book. Each book unlocks a new area.

 • 8 days ago • 

Now I see, the similarity of the background gave me the feeling I was looping in a circle while going in front of other houses, so I kept going back and fourth around the first house.

  • 1 day ago • 

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