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Finally uploaded! 1

mesonpi • 1 year ago 

This was the very first Game Jam I have ever partecipated in, and I was able to finish the game. Indeed, there are a lot of things that could be improved with more time, but I'm satisfied (here the entry).
This is the second game I have ever made, and I completely underestimated the time required to draw and animate the sprites, I spent all saturday on graphics while in my original plan they should have been ready in 3 hours of work (ah, what a fool XD)
It was really exahusting, and today I had to rush to get everything completed.

I had the great idea of streaming on twitch the whole process of making the game, which took me a lot of energies. I really learned a lot of things, and now I am really curious to see how other partecipants interpreted the theme and what they managed to do.

Good luck to everyone who partecipated, I look forward to play your games!

What a challenging theme! 0

mesonpi • 1 year ago 

I feel this theme is really challenging, but it would be very fun to see the original ideas of the partecipants. I really look forward to play all the games :D
Good luck to everyone!

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