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I'm in! 0

Cuddl3s • 1 year ago 

Forgot to post, but I'm in and this is the state as of last night/this morning :)
I'm using pico-8 to code my game as a solo dev

Doing a smaller one this time... 0

Cuddl3s • 1 year ago 

As this weekend is going to be crazy hot here in germany, I will use the days to be as close to water as possible :D
That leaves me with the nights, which is where I'll try to fit the gamedeving.
I would assume this gives me around 12h of time in total, so I'm definitely looking forward to this challenge.

Like in the past couple of gamejams, I'm gonna use pico-8 to create my game.
See you all!

Pico-ing it up again 0

Cuddl3s • 2 years ago 

Hey guys! I missed the last Alakajam, but I'm really happy to participate again. I will be using pico-8 which I haven't used in a while. Looking forward to it!

First timer here! 0

Cuddl3s • 4 years ago 

Hey everyone!

First timer here and I'm gonna use pico-8 just to get a bit more practice with it!
Wish you all a fun jam :)

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