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Along with stanley9990. GL everyone.

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Probably by myself. Gonna do better than last time

Baconinvader 10 months ago

Yeah so it turns out one of the reasons this game SUCKED (one of) was this code:

def update(self):
        if hour <= 12:
            self.average_temperature = self.base_temperature-self.fluctuation+(self.fluctuation*2*(hour/12))
            self.average_temperature = self.base_temperature+self.fluctuation-(self.fluctuation*2*((hour-12)/12))

        #for tile in tiles:
        #    difference = self.average_temperature-tile.temperature
        #    change = difference*self.movement
        #    tile.temperature += change = self.average_temperature <= -15

notice how some of the lines are commented (#)? Well those happen to be the very, very important lines for changing the average temperature of tiles throughout the day. Don't know how I didn't catch this. Oh wait, it's because I'm an idiot. Anyway it's fixed and everything but I just wanted to make a post explaining everything as well as the new jam/post jam version numbers (according to the rules, post-jam bugfixes are allowed so long as they are really broken, which counts in this case)

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