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Late to "I'm in" but I'm in! 1

Kerri • 2 years ago 

I surprised myself last night when I settled on an idea in just a couple of hours, I had spent the week thinking about several for Books and A Star, but Caves winning took me by surprise. Needless to say I'm excited to take part and I've spent this morning putting my idea down and drawing the mechanics out of it. The rest of today will be spent building placeholder assets and developing the mechanics.

The important part for me this time around is the story I want to tell with the game so I'll be focussing a lot on the narrative elements and on a dialogue system, unfortunately I may have to sacrifice sound effects. To that end though I've put out a request to my musically inclined sister and if she is able to deliver there may even be music! (Not counting on it though). Excluding music this will be a solo entry.

Godot 3
Visual Studio Code

Good luck to everyone participating I look forward to playing your games.

Evening progress 0

Kerri • 3 years ago 

It's coming up to dinner time so I'm going to stop and get some food in me, really happy with how much progress I've made so far only a few elements left for the initial puzzle implementation and then I can look at designing the next two environments I want to include.

It's just a small point and click but I'm doing this solo and I'm trying my best to keep it within my abilities so I can finish this time.

I'm late, but I'm in 0

Kerri • 3 years ago 

Ancient Ruins wasn't what I was hoping for, but after spending the evening helping my sister clean out her bedroom it suddenly feels appropriate. I knew I was going to be up late today so it's time to start brainstorming ideas and seeing what I can come up with.

Once more unto the breach! 0

Kerri • 3 years ago 

I'm here once again to try and make something. I'm enjoying the theme suggestions this time around, and I was surprised when my suggestion of paths made it to #2 in the peoples choice! But as I always do, I come into these jams with zero ideas intentionally and I'm looking forward to seeing how I can interpret this chaotic intervention.

I'll likely be focussing on the Maps theme for now, but I'll be joined by a few friends who've never done this kind of thing before. Going to be a relaxed approach for sure. We'll be using Godot 3.2.3 as our primary tool, Wings3D if we need 3D stuff, Pyxel Edit for artsy stuff, Krita maybe we'll see. No idea about sound effects yet but I'm excited to get started.

Good luck everybody!

Dinner and Design 0

Kerri • 4 years ago 

With the help of my incredible partner I was able to rubber duck a number of ideas in a short amount of time and finally settled on what I think promises to be a cute little story with some theme-adjacent ideas behind it. My goal with this is to learn how to create an interesting method of narrative story telling that's intuitive, fun, and more than just a series of dialogue boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Between the tea-fueled idea phase and the planning phase we sat down for a hearty dev-fuel dinner of pie and chips with yet more tea as seen below.

Really looking forward to putting this together and I hope I can do the idea some form of justice, my drawing skills are incredibly rusty and I'm going to be relying on them far too heavily for this project.

Let's do this! 0

Kerri • 4 years ago 

I got out of hospital on Tuesday with not one, but two kidney stones that I have yet to pass. However I signed up for this with every intention of doing my best so here goes.

After what I can only call a miraculous success from AKJ7 I am hyped to jump right back in to making something new and exciting to learn with. I'll be entering the 3 day jam as a solo this year supported by my wonderful girlfriend so I'm going to have to make some sacrifices in regards to music and sfx but I'll see what I can do.

I'll be using Godot again as the engine as it served me well last time, wings 3D and krita/inkscape for graphics and if I somehow manage it, bfxr for sfx and Sibelius for music.

Good luck to everyone taking part whether you're here to compete or just have a good time. Looking forward to all the entries I'll get to play.

Forgotten Robes 0

Kerri • 4 years ago 

It's finished! I think this is the first time I've ever successfully completed a project for a game jam, there's still a lot I can do with this if I want too, and might but with time constrains I'm incredibly happy with where it is now.

I'd love it if you could all check it out and give me some feedback and let me know if there are any major errors (I can't test Mac or Linux).

This was a wonderful experience for me as I got to dive into something new with Godot and I am blown away by how wonderful it promises to become as a game development tool. I look forward to having more opportunities to use it in the future!

Unfortunately my team-mates both met some struggles so some parts of the game weren't hashed out as good as possible such as the tinkly music. The tinkly music is nice but it gets repetitive after a while and it doesn't convey the atmosphere I would've liked but as my composer contracted a virus over the weekend this was all she was able to produce, the rest of the sounds I mixed myself.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to check out my entry! :)

I'm in! 0

Kerri • 4 years ago 

So I've been a flake the past few Alakajams and that hurts my soul deeply, but this time I'm in for real. I've partnered up with a long-time friend of mine who'll be taking lead on the programming whilst I work on the design, and I'm hopefully going to be employing the aid of my incredible sister for music.

Our tools are as such:

Engine: Godot 3
Text Editor: Visual Studio Code
3D Art: Wings 3D/Blender 2.79
2D Art: Inkscape/Krita
Music: FL Studio

As of writing this post we've established what we believe to be a solid idea to go with, but as it's late on a friday night we will be resting up and sleeping to ready ourselves for a hard days of development work over the weekend.

Good luck to everyone who's particapating, I hope you all enjoy it and learn something new as you go along!

;_; 0

Kerri • 6 years ago 

Sadly I completely forgot I promised my sister I'd help her move out this weekend, so I've had to withdraw from creating a game. I'm hoping to take full advantage of the down time to play and rate all your games though!

I'm in, again! 0

Kerri • 6 years ago 

Last Alakajam I worked off an idea that very quickly scaled out of control and despite a release, was unfinished. Nonetheless I was happy either way and I'm super hyped to go again on something completely new.

I'm a solo programmer who may or may not enlist the help of their sister for music whilst I handle art and logic.

Tools of choice:

  1. Unity
  2. Visual Studio
  3. FruityLoops
  4. Paint.Net/Krita

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