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Kerri 23 days ago

It's finished! I think this is the first time I've ever successfully completed a project for a game jam, there's still a lot I can do with this if I want too, and might but with time constrains I'm incredibly happy with where it is now.

I'd love it if you could all check it out and give me some feedback and let me know if there are any major errors (I can't test Mac or Linux).

This was a wonderful experience for me as I got to dive into something new with Godot and I am blown away by how wonderful it promises to become as a game development tool. I look forward to having more opportunities to use it in the future!

Unfortunately my team-mates both met some struggles so some parts of the game weren't hashed out as good as possible such as the tinkly music. The tinkly music is nice but it gets repetitive after a while and it doesn't convey the atmosphere I would've liked but as my composer contracted a virus over the weekend this was all she was able to produce, the rest of the sounds I mixed myself.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to check out my entry! :)

Kerri a month ago

So I've been a flake the past few Alakajams and that hurts my soul deeply, but this time I'm in for real. I've partnered up with a long-time friend of mine who'll be taking lead on the programming whilst I work on the design, and I'm hopefully going to be employing the aid of my incredible sister for music.

Our tools are as such:

Engine: Godot 3
Text Editor: Visual Studio Code
3D Art: Wings 3D/Blender 2.79
2D Art: Inkscape/Krita
Music: FL Studio

As of writing this post we've established what we believe to be a solid idea to go with, but as it's late on a friday night we will be resting up and sleeping to ready ourselves for a hard days of development work over the weekend.

Good luck to everyone who's particapating, I hope you all enjoy it and learn something new as you go along!

Kerri 2 years ago

Sadly I completely forgot I promised my sister I'd help her move out this weekend, so I've had to withdraw from creating a game. I'm hoping to take full advantage of the down time to play and rate all your games though!

Kerri 2 years ago

Last Alakajam I worked off an idea that very quickly scaled out of control and despite a release, was unfinished. Nonetheless I was happy either way and I'm super hyped to go again on something completely new.

I'm a solo programmer who may or may not enlist the help of their sister for music whilst I handle art and logic.

Tools of choice:

  1. Unity
  2. Visual Studio
  3. FruityLoops
  4. Paint.Net/Krita

Kerri 2 years ago

Here's my entry:

Honestly this has been the most productive weekend + monday I've ever had. I'm super happy with what I got done, I'm super happy with what the game can still become and I'm looking forward to developing it further. (It's very unfinished as a game)

I've been wanting to join another game jam for a couple of years now, I joined this one because I saw it advertised on the Ludum Dare page when I went to see when the next LD was and this fell at comfortable time for me. I'd love to say I'll be back in February, I really hope I will be. I learnt a lot in such a small time today by deciding to use technologies I wasn't familiar with and I know there's so much more for me to learn still.

Thank you for hosting it, it's been great. I'll be sure to give some time these next two weeks to check out some of the other entries!

Good luck to those of you with ranked entries, and to everyone else I hope you had fun!

Kerri 2 years ago

Glad I gave myself the 3 days instead of the two as it gives me plenty of time to finish adding the gameplay for my game, but here's a small update video of my progress. Good luck to everyone who entered the 2 day competition!

I know I said in my intro post that I was going to go with Love2D and Pyxel edit, but when I started drawing my scenes I felt 3D would work better and I haven't given Unity a fair chance since I installed it.

Meshes created with Wings3D, Artwork done in (Some borrowed and being replaced)

Music by my wonderful sister but it's still a W.I.P and I expect it to change drastically by tomorrow.

Kerri 2 years ago

As much as I'd love to work through the night, some things are better slept on and approached with a fresh head. I spent the past few hours setting things up and coming up with my idea, I'm reasonably happy with the outline of it. I still have to piece together the interactions of gameplay but I'm confident I can solve that tomorrow.

For now, I'm off to bed but tomorrow shall be full of coding and arting!

Kerri 2 years ago

Hey, so it's been a while since I last tried to complete a jam, with LD36 being my last entry. I'm doing this one alone and I'll be using Love2D, Pyxel Edit and BFXR (If I get as far as sounds).

I've not competed in a jam alone before and I'll be entering the unranked category, I still don't expect to finish but I'm going to give it what I can and hope I can submit something before the end.

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to the judging.

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