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Kerri • 1 year ago on 12th Alakajam! 

I surprised myself last night when I settled on an idea in just a couple of hours, I had spent the week thinking about several for Books and A Star, but Caves winning took me by surprise. Needless to say I'm excited to take part and I've spent this morning putting my idea down and drawing the mechanics out of it. The rest of today will be spent building placeholder assets and developing the mechanics.

The important part for me this time around is the story I want to tell with the game so I'll be focussing a lot on the narrative elements and on a dialogue system, unfortunately I may have to sacrifice sound effects. To that end though I've put out a request to my musically inclined sister and if she is able to deliver there may even be music! (Not counting on it though). Excluding music this will be a solo entry.

Godot 3
Visual Studio Code

Good luck to everyone participating I look forward to playing your games.

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 • 1 year ago • 

That sounds great!
Yeah, caves theme took me by suprise as well, I was expecting something else xD.
Nevertheless, good luck to everyone!

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