Controls: WASD or arrow keys.

Wrap your hair around the poles in complex knots to gain score!

Prince Charming has finally arrived to save you from your tower! Drop your inexplicably long hair down the side of the tower to let him climb up. But the way down is so long … so why not do some freestyle braiding?

This entry was all out of my comfort zone:

  • no pixel art
  • 3D
  • webGL engine from scratch

Timelapse now available:


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This game entered in the Solo competition (27 entries).


Freestyle braiding!


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1 @DiningPhilosopher 3040
2 @Aurel300 2440
3 @Kerri 2320
4 @benjamin 2040
5 @LogicaLinsanity 1440
6 @Andy Bae 1200
7 @Wan 1160
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Comments (11)

2 months ago

What can i say except, super original game!

2 months ago

intresting gamplay, don't think I have seen something like it before
don't think I would want the music for to many play throughts.
the oddest things is that it felt like that the down movement sped up when you went down making it feel like you always had less time then expeced to loop around things.

2 months ago

Very interesting and original indeed. It did feel like AdroitConception said, like I never felt I had enough time to wrap around things. Also, I was trying to see if there was a point scoring wrap other than CW / CCW so on my first run I swiggle through a few and it wouldn't reward points like I thought it might. I'm still unsure why it highlights orange other than proximity. That double wrap is hard to pull off, I couldn't land a triple.

2 months ago

Very original interpretation of the theme!
I would add a distance gauge that tell you how far you are :).
It's a pretty strong entry for someone who was out of his comfort zone ;)

Andy Bae
(@im_a_good_boye) • 2 months ago

This looks and plays super well and it's super creative as well. Great work!

(@Cloie) • 2 months ago

Gosh this was a lot of fun, the controls felt rather slippery though and I struggled to understand what constituted a knot and what didn't. Managed to get the hang of it after a few tries and started raking in points though!

The music was a lot of fun too, especially when the fanfare came in out of nowhere.

Overall, a wonderfully original idea and an enjoyable experience.

2 months ago

I had a great time playing this! I would like to experiment with different hair thicknesses for an easier/harder time wrapping around the pegs. Spinning around the tower helped give me a strong feeling of twisting around while trying to make the messiest knot possible. Good job!

2 months ago

The tower and repunsel is definitely one of the iconic things that come to mind with this theme and this was a suuuuper original game design. I think the controls were a bit hard to figure out, and the music did not feel like it felt right to go with the game.

2 months ago

Awesome idea, I think a slower descent with more options for interesting knots would be better though. Now I just made simple loops as fast as possible, sometimes frustrated by barely not making it around.
Also got pretty motion sick but that's just me. Congrats on this very original entry!

2 months ago

Super original game. Even though I don't quite understand how the scoring works, wrapping the hair around just feels incredibly satisfying.

2 months ago

A very strange and original game! I love the graphics and art style in particular, it's quite unusual for an Aurel game but it worked really well.

The gameplay is a bit obscure, in particular how to manage the "cinetic energy" of the hair properly, but just doing random knots in the air was pretty satisfying! Apparently I'm bad at doing knots, I played it twice but barely got over 1000 both times x)

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