Cave Crave

Navigate Your Batness through the cave to fill their crave!

Your Batness demands the pizzas in the cave! Navigate him/her through the darkness to fill their crave!
Bats have an ability to emit a ping and detect if there's any obstacle. You can use mouse/touchscreen or keyboard. Good lucj.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (14 entries).

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 • 2 years ago • 

Cute twist on a classic arcade game. Compelling to play, kept trying to push myself further and further. The bat sprite is very much reminiscent of many classic NES games.

The "ping" mechanic where the bat would detect obstacles was pretty cool, I'd like to see it expanded to be more intentional (like, you have to stop and press a button to ping so you gamble on whether you're going to be safe for a moment, or something).

Cave generation is interesting but at times unfair (there are occasionally 1 tile narrow squares to fit through which are incredibly difficult, and they can come very early on) - I'd like to see difficulty gradually ramp up rather than throwing random spikes in difficulty at the player.

Overall an enjoyable arcade-style experience!

 • 2 years ago • 

I like the core idea of this game and it's decently well executed. My only complaints are:

  1. The music and sound effects only come on after a while. You mentioned something on the page about allowing audio so maybe that's my fault
  2. I accidently left the game on while going to do something and came back with a score of >500, so there might be a glitch with how death works.
 • 2 years ago • 

Nice, reminds me of the underwater and airplane levels in Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. There is just one very game-breaking thing as far as high scores go (which Baconinvader already discovered), namely that the center lane (where the player starts) never gets any obstacles, but sometimes pizza.

I have to admit, pizza is better than flies.

 • 2 years ago • 

Those narrow tunnels are killers. I like the concept, though — simple but a lot of fun. The retro graphics and audio fit together very well. I like old-school games like this. There is room for improvement with the controls —- at times the bat just seems to fly off in a particular direction. Or maybe that's just my clumsiness. Overall, a solid entry.

 • 2 years ago • 

Super cool game! The idea was simple but the execution was fairly solid. Besides from a few unfortunate 1 tile high straights I encountered, I thougth the cave generation was really cool ! At times there were manageably narrow straights, at others vast expanses where I had a brief reprieve before focusing again. I also thought the controls lent to a more infuriating, challenging, and enjoyable experience, as it introduced a degree of control most people aren't used to (at least personally I never thought I would be controlling a character using a mouse in such a fashion). This introduced a learning curve even in such a simple idea. Well done!

EDIT: My high score was 76 after some runs but I never managed to screen shot it. Maybe something like a death screen or high score counter would have been useful.

 • 2 years ago • 

I did a 78 but missed the screenshot by a fraction of a second :P

A classic game but well done for a 2 hour entry! It reminds me of games played on my calculator back in high school. The most unusual part of the game is how the bat is controlled, which both makes movement a bit frustrating but it also what gives the game character. Thankfully the level generation rarely demands big swipes so it's well balanced and fun to play for a few games.

 • 2 years ago • 

Very arcade-like feel here: the sprites, the audio, the font and the brutally unfair RNG, but also the "just one more try" feel.

I find mouse control a lot easier for picking up pizza, but more difficult for navigating precisely through small gaps. If the mouse cursor were visible (e.g. as a crosshair), that would help a lot.

I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but it seems the middle row is always clear. I raked in 225 points by just sitting there sipping a cup of coffee before I accidentally touched the mouse and crashed. Unfortunately the game restarted before I could take a screenshot.

 • 2 years ago • 

The mouse feels almost unusable compared to the keyboard :D I think it could be helped by showing a cursor (even though that's not where the bat is). The ping mechanic was cute, but I don't think I would be able to use that to successfully navigate the caves once they actually go dark.

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