Game about foraging fungi and brewing potions

Short little adventure(?) game where you explore, find different types of mushrooms and then mix them together to create potions. I tried to use this as a learning experience to get into development with Godot, and I think it went okay, but you'll probably be able to tell that some parts of it are quick janky. Feedback is much appreciated

WASD - Move
Shift - Sprint
Space - Interact/ Use Item/ Escape Text
1-8 - Select Inventory Slot

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 • 1 year ago • 

The mechanics of this game aren't bad and I like that there's some progression, but I just don't feel motivated to try all potion recipes. There seems to be some easter-egg in the east that you can only see when drinking certain potions, but I couldn't entirely make it out. I don't know if there is a potion I can use to combat enemies. Maybe a recipe book or hints as to what to expect of unknown potions would be good?

It's definitely solid for a learning experience, though! You guys did a good job integrating text and meaning into a solid gameplay loop.

 • 1 year ago • 

i agree with the comment above. I got more fixated at collecting mushrooms to unlock the tools rather than to try a recipe. I think there's a potential to make them more interesting. Maybe have a direct effect on the enemies? Also, I found a bug. At one point, I combined 2 green mushrooms and it didn't return anything. The next combinations that I did didn't return anything after the encountering the initial bug. Nevertheless, this is a calm game with interesting mechanics!

 • 1 year ago • 

I liked the atmosphere here and the potions were quite interesting. However running away and never being able to fight the enemies was very annoying. Cool idea and the music was nice.

 • 1 year ago • 

I thought this was really well done. Graphics were simple but effective, I liked the overlapping trees. I made it to the black mushroom and slipped through a gap in the large rocks to find the 'Hi!' sign but wasn't sure what to do after that. Not sure if there is an ending. Also not sure if it's delibirate but there was also a gap in the wood that lets you bypass getting the axe. I didn't try every potion combination so maybe that's what I was missing. I enjoyed the humour in the test and sense of exploration. Very solid entry. Well done!

 • 1 year ago • 

This was a really charming jam game experience. Finding new mushrooms and trying each combination to discover new potions was really engaging. Outside of that, I wasn't really sure what my goals were. I also wasn't sure why there were enemies in the game that you (as far as I could tell) not impact in any way - besides getting them trapped behind bushes to give yourself some respite. There were also quite a few of them, again considering that I wasn't able to do anything but run away from them. Overall though, this was a fun experience. I really enjoyed exploring each new area and trying out the mushroom combos. Great work!

 • 1 year ago • 

The comments above mention the important parts already. Not being able to fight the enemies is a bit of a bummer. I also had the issue that the enemies followed me to the default spawn position, but they were still there when I respawned. In my days we called that spawn camping and it was quite frowned upon in Lan Parties. :D

I like the mixing mechanic and especially the crying potion made me laugh. However it was hard to remember which potion had which effect. Some sort of tooltip information would have been nice.

It took me also quite some time to learn which rocks I can break (at first I thought I would need to break the ones on the right).
Finally I could not find out how to win(?) the game. I was in the cave in the south east, and mixed all kinds of potions, but could not get any idea how to finish the game.
The music is nice (although a bit repetetive).

 • 1 year ago • 

Yay! A web build \o/
This was fun. Lots of small usability issues like text popups don't pause, so you panic when the enemies are close. But I bought all the tools and went everywhere, so it was fun! I wish there was an ending. Maybe there could have been "Mushroom combinations 0/53" type counter and finding all the combinations could have triggered an ending?

(@xXBloodyOrange) • 1 year ago • 

I overall liked your game, especially the artstyle. :D I also wanted to explore the world more, but having enemies sitting in my neck and no possibility to get rid of them was a little bit frustrating.
I also got attacked by one at the culdron, which caused me to click away, my new potion, which led to, that I could not read, what kind of potion it was.. and now I have to rewatch the VOD to see what kind of potion it was.
However, I also loved the crying potion. Here is the VOD with the timestamp where your game begins :D

 • 1 year ago • 

It was fun to discover the different combinations of mushrooms and what potions they combined into. Sometimes I was a bit disappointed that some of them didn't do anything useful, but they always did something which is pretty great.

The enemy shrooms were a real bother in the beginning, until I realised that the entire game gets better if you just hold Shift all the time. That should maybe have been the default.

The tools seemed badly overpriced until I found out that potions give a lot more profit, including the useless ones.

Too mad there doesn't seem to be a goal or ending to work towards (unless I missed it).

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