Orphans in Caverns

Save the orphans, shoo away the dire bats

Explore the caverns in three days and save as many orphans as you can without getting knocked out by the dire bats.

Note for web: frantically click the page while loading it, otherwise audio does not start. Blame the marketeers.


  • WASD/Arrows for movement
    -J to throw pickaxes
    -K to switch aiming mode. Default is bats with priority, otherwise rocks. Alternate aiming is only at rocks.
    -M to toggle the music

Bats spawn after you hit a certain number of walls/bats, and after the timer runs out. Hitting shoos them away, but they may randomly decide to come in for another attack.

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 • 6 months ago • 

Heads up, your Web link doesn't work for me

 • 6 months ago • 

Me neither :(

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.41 (Ubuntu) Server at jellenauta.com Port 443
 • 6 months ago • 


  • 6 months ago • 

Thanks for the reports @baconinvader @thomastc @lokior!
I set the link before uploading the game, for which I took quite some time now after I got sick and my laptop broke.

While I was at it I also made some music for the game afterwards and then tried to get that to work without terrible corruption in the web build (the bevy template warned me of this actually…). As a compromise I scaled down the level, which is still plenty big to make it infeasible to collect all of the orphans in three days.

  • 6 months ago • 

P.S. If you play the web-version, frantically click the page as soon as you navigate to it to allow the AudioContext. Chrome seems to run smoother than Firefox, I haven't tried any other browsers.

 • 6 months ago • 

Works for me now in case you didn't notice!

This is a hard game :D
It was tough to figure out that you don't have to spam the pickaxes at the bats. Maybe make the attack speed a bit slower? I love the spam but when you have very limited ammo it's tough. Cute art!
Got 9 cave buddies on my last try.

 • 6 months ago • 

Thanks for the pings guys, almost forgot to review this one.
At first I found the game a little frustrating, but once I learned to not spam the pickaxes it became a lot more fun! The way your view updates is cool and timing your throws to stop bats without wasting pickaxes was neat. Sometimes it felt like there were too many bats though, maybe I misunderstood their triggers.

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