De Moleculis Motus In Vacuo

Line Cutting Arcade-Like

An amalgam of physics, geometry and bonsai gardening.

The molecules are moving around, making connections randomly. The connections give you points over time, the longer the line the faster. But if connections intersect (not: overlap), you lose a life. Cut connections away by using your mouse.

Created with Unity. Music was done with Rytmyk Studio. Sounds were edited with Audacity. Font is JENRIV.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (33 entries).

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 • 3 years ago • 

Really nice game concept. Really made me feel the adrenaline rush there. The only thing I could suggest to improve would be to make the health bar more like interesting. Also the fact that it counts up to 10 instead of counting down to 0 felt a bit weird. The areas where molecules can connect to each other being shown also felt weird. It made the screen look too cluttered. The colours used could have been more monochromatic I think for such a simple game. Other than that though the game concept is really really interesting. Makes players think about risk and reward often which is perfect for a highscore game. Love it :D

 • 3 years ago • 

Intersting concept, very addictive and challenging.

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon) • 3 years ago • 

This was a nice entry. I think the bonding can be a little unforgiving, especially when it's small and happens right next to an existing bond. But other than that, the gameplay was simple and engaging, and it fit the theme well!

 • 3 years ago • 

What I love most about jams is how people create some very simple ideas which work amazingly well.
The game looks very simple, just some shapes and sounds, but it is surprisingly satisfying!
The description "An amalgam of physics, geometry and bonsai gardening" is hillariously accurate too :D
I managed to get 212!

 • 3 years ago • 

Its a fun game and an interesting concept, really fits the theme of connections well

I like that its a game of risk/reward, where having 5 nodes connected at once has the potential to rack up tonnes of points while also risking you losing altogether if you dont pay very careful attention to where each one is going. Alternatively I can see that in theory you could go for a slow and steady approach like I did, just keep a single node managed at a time for about 10 minutes and as long as you dont take any risks like I did, you should be able to go on for a long time

 • 3 years ago • 

Whew, difficult! I'm too much of a risktaker in this one I guess, the game does feel quite balanced in terms of risk/reward for having a large gaggle of lines, but all the highest scores show only one line so that does seem to be the best highscoring approach. The music also fits the game perfectly.

 • 3 years ago • 

Innovative and very addictive. You also made a god work on sound-design which seems to follow your progression.

 • 3 years ago • 

Pretty relaxing game. It's sometimes hard to notice that lines are about to overlap, but a warning signal and extra time are very good features!
Generally it's well balanced and designed game, good job!

 • 3 years ago • 

Simple and addictive, my only issues is that the best strategy for highscore is also the less interesting one.
Great job :)

 • 3 years ago • 

Very fun gameplay and sound design. The balance and controls felt good which is hard for a game jam. Graphics were a little simplistic but I guess there wasn't much you could really add there. Great job!

 • 3 years ago • 

Looking at the picture I was instantly reminded of Atom Dancer, a challenge I had not thought about for years, and expected something similar. Well… This is similar, yet not compelling in the same way.

Having no time limit renders the highscore aspect rather moot. It is easy to keep only a single line alive on screen. Sure, that is driving in the slow lane, yet there is no risk attached! It doesn't entice me to try achieve a new record quickly, if someone with an hour to spend can reach 2000 points with sheer patience alone.

Putting that to one side, I did give it a proper go. Keeping an eye on a hectic situation and trying to make the best of it is a functional starting point. I'm not sure the current rules are the best fit though.

Intersecting lines bust very quickly, and while 10 hp is plenty, they actually evaporate rather quickly on accident. For me at least, it is annoying to lose HP due to bad luck or lack of patience (panic cutting all lines quickly is very easy after all). I would much prefer to have a single HP, while the lines took longer to break. They could also heal when not intersecting, so that keeping multiple lines alive at the same time wasn't such a stressful hassle, but still tricky.

Lastly, the screen gets very busy once more than a few lines are created. Reducing the amount of lines could work to mitigate this issue. For instance, if molecules could only support a single line at a time, the intersection rule would be easier to understand and to play with.

Just a few thoughts and ratings. Too bad this is not for me.

Overall: Above Average (6.0)
Graphics: Above Average (6.0)
Audio: Good (7.0)
Gameplay: Bad (3.0)
Originality: Above Average (6.0)
Theme: Good (7.0)

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