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Karma mechanics ¿? 4

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago

I am confuse as to how the Karma in Alakajam works. I see when you hoover over it says:

Rate and review other games to increase your karma, and get featured higher on the list!

However, even when doing so Karma goes up, but then it goes down again.

Anyone know the exact mechanics on how this works?

Am I the only weirdo? 6

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago

So… This is my first GameJam I participate on, but I have in the past played games from Jams like LudumDare.

There is one thing that I never liked and it's to have to download a game in order to play it. Personally I believe a GameJam game should be playable in the browser.

So following this lines, I don't download any game in order to install them and play them locally (This is my "weirdo" thing)

Am I the only one that feels like this? What are your thoughts?

And also a question, been that I don't have much experience with Unity, Godot, or other softwares used to create games. Don't they support web builds? Or limitations apply and that's why participants only submit executables and not web versions as alternative. (Which following my though, it shouldn't be an alternative but a default, and the alternitve would be to download the game)

Hosting your game in Read this!!! 0

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago

So maybe ScoreSpace x Alakajam! doesn't make it clear enough, but turns out you can "Tag/Submit" your game in as a game for ScoreSpace x Alakajam!.

Visit this page and once you have your game published click "Submit your project" That way the entries for ScoreSpace x Alakajam! are all grouped in one category.

Submited my game 2

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago

So hopefully I did everything right. I posted my game on and then linked that as a submission from Alakajam website.

Hope that's the wat to do it.

Please once you are done with your games consider playing it. Feedback welcome.

First GameJam ever! - Working on a little something 0

MrAmericanMike 1 month ago

Been my first GameJam ever I tried to go with something easy and that would make me feel more comfortable, so I opted for using Phaser 3 as a framework.
Javascript is a language that I feel comfortable with, and well, actually I'm using Typescript, because of some tutorial I follow and to have better intellisense and errors highlight. While this made things a bit slower, I'm getting there.

I wasn't particulary happy with the theme, but to be honest, none of the 10 final themes inspired me too much.

I'm making a simple Pipes game, I know, nothing original, nothing new and very simplistic. But for a Solo Dev and first Jam I though it's better to have something that drop and give up.

Hopefully I can continue with some features that are needed, and creating different levels tomorrow. Maybe even redo some graphics.

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