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MrAmericanMike • 1 year ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  HundredPipers

Been my first GameJam ever I tried to go with something easy and that would make me feel more comfortable, so I opted for using Phaser 3 as a framework.
Javascript is a language that I feel comfortable with, and well, actually I'm using Typescript, because of some tutorial I follow and to have better intellisense and errors highlight. While this made things a bit slower, I'm getting there.

I wasn't particulary happy with the theme, but to be honest, none of the 10 final themes inspired me too much.

I'm making a simple Pipes game, I know, nothing original, nothing new and very simplistic. But for a Solo Dev and first Jam I though it's better to have something that drop and give up.

Hopefully I can continue with some features that are needed, and creating different levels tomorrow. Maybe even redo some graphics.

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