bondstones !

Rules ( basic )

  • Connect stones with the same shape or color.
  • Chain of 12+ stones will explodes increasing score and experience

Rules ( specific )

  • Each time you level up, a random malus is drawn in the list.
  • Complete some specific conditions to increase your combo values.
  • The first time you complete a condition, you win a trophy accordingly
  • Gain 3,5,10,15 trophies for bonus score.

Controls :

  • left/right : move piece
  • down : drop piece
  • up/w : turn piece
  • x : check trophies list

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This game entered in the Solo competition (33 entries).

Comments (14)

 • 20 days ago  • 

This was a really chill, fun puzzle game. It would be really cool to expand the gameplay with different mechanics like obstacles and explosive blocks, etc. The feedback for creating a chain was especially satisfying. The music was nice and chill, although maybe repeated itself a little too much. All in all, though, very solid entry! Great job!

 • 19 days ago  • 

Pretty creative idea and amazing execution as always! The flashing and shaking pixel style makes this game so satisfying! With all the levels, trophies and powerups it did get a bit too complicated for me though, and I rarely thought about chains or duty - just hoping to mass enough blocks to not die.

 • 19 days ago  • 

Really nice and smart gameplay, a nice twist to the genre. The visuals and musics are also very great! Congrats !

 • 19 days ago  • 

Absolutely love it. The amount of polish makes it super pleasant to play, and the malus selection on level up is a really neat idea. Next time I will definitely make sure to get the monochrome/monoshape achievements before the game gets too difficult!

(If I were to change one thing - I would explode a chain of gems when they connect to both the right and left edges at once, rather than when you hit 12. I think that is more controllable and interesting, but maybe it will lead to farming some ridiculously long chains? I guess the CHN malus wouldn't with this tweak either.)

 • 18 days ago  • 

I'm in love with the little music you made for this game!

Also, overall very nice and satisfying, those little sounds effects and visual effects really left me with a nice feeling.

Okay,now I'm off singing the litle tune in my head until the rest of the day xD

 • 18 days ago  • 

A pretty entertaining game. It's like Tetris, but with a twist and is very well polished. The idea of leveling up was amazing and the music was nice.

 • 18 days ago  • 

That was an awesome game. Really great work on finishing this in just 72 hours. The game is well done and it doesn't need much explanation to provide gameplay deep enough to keep it entertaining. If I had to nitpick, I'd like the game's pace to be a bit faster. It took longer for it to be challenging than I would have expected.
Anyway, really neat everything, awesome work.

 • 18 days ago  • 

Been honest I don't think I understand what makes a valid combination :P Specially when droping some blocks makes others that already were on the board and not connected to what I just dropped, dissapear. So that got me confuse.
Still managed to complete some levels and submit a score.
Nice graphics and nicely done with the music also, for the limitations.

 • 17 days ago  • 

Wow, this looks amazing. I'd love to play this on my Gameboy or GameGear if it were possible. Music was catchy though did get a bit repetitive after while. Gameplay did take make me a second to understand it but once I did, I had a blast carefully planning where to drop the blocks and score a combo. Very nice work!

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 17 days ago  • 

This is a beautiful game. Usually I don't get into these much, but I enjoyed it enough to play for a while. The music was great at the start, but I think the loop is a bit short so it gets repetitive quickly, but stopping the music when showing the bonuses and level ups definitely helped. Overall though, it feels polished, has a nice game loop, and has a good increase in difficulty. Great job!

 • 15 days ago  • 

I'm a sucker for match-3 (or in this case, match-12) puzzle games, and this is very well done! I did encounter the same bug(?) as MrAmericanMike where a group cleared after I dropped tiles that weren't connected at all to that group. I think what may have happened is that I created two groups of 12 at the same time, but only one can clear per turn, so that group waited until the next turn to clear. Maybe. It's just a guess.

 • 15 days ago  • 

It's incredible hard to come up with a new tetris/puyo puyo style puzzle game, but here we have one! I like how it starts out slow and chill and almost seems too easy, but each malus makes it just a bit harder. Enjoyed playing it, although I do wonder how much impact the random draws of malus affects your chances of a good score!

 • 15 days ago  • 


Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 14 days ago  • 

Hey congratulations on first place!

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connect stone by shapes and colors


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