Don't let those deadly Executables steal your internet CONNECTION (get it 'cuz the theme of the jam is Connection?)

Use WASD keys to move, LMB to shoot, and P to pause! Aim for a better score every time you play. Collect HEALTH DROPS to reduce bandwith usage.

This game contains particles and GPU intensive stuff that may not work on all machines. Recommended browsers to play on are Chrome and Firefox.

Epilepsy warning - This game has a lot of bright particles and physics trajectory stuff that may cause pain to people with epilepsy and other such conditions.

This game was made for the ScoreSpace x Alakajam game jam in 12 - 16 hours. Please don't be too harsh!

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This game entered in the Solo competition (33 entries).

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 • 11 days ago  • 

Cute little jam game! :) I would be cool to see this expanded with different enemies, drops and levels. It's great what you achieved in the 12-16 hours you mentioned in the game. Good job!

Mills !
(@Mills_Himself)  • 11 days ago  • 

Nice! Especially in 12-16h
Of course the game is clearly a draft, but the infinite ammo and stupid physics make this a really satisfying game to play

And I've got 15,576 points :D

   • 11 days ago  • 

@dorkulon Thanks! I will definetely make a post-jam version of the game with more weapon types, enemy types, etc.

   • 11 days ago  • 

@Mills_Himself Thanks for the review. I wanted to keep the scope of the game small. The game's complete, but I couldn't get any time for music due to my life getting in the way. Next time I'll make sure to add it!

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon)  • 10 days ago  • 

Graphics were nice, and the game increased in difficulty which is also good. I did find the audio very soft though, and the collisions with the bandwith felt a little too sudden (along with the fact that there was no immediate feedback when you take damage. Perhaps a particle effect, or even an animation in the bandwith might have been helpful). Overall though it was fair entry. Good job!

 • 10 days ago  • 

Fun little game. Worked very nicely on Edge (Firefox had trouble running it). As mentioned by other, additonal levels, weapon types and enemies should be considered if you work on this later on. 11,724 was my best score

Only issues I had were:
Couldn't quite hear any of the sound effects without turning up the volume.
Had some cases where i was trying to shoot an enemy but no projectile was shot. Not sure if it was a bug or it was something on my end.

   • 10 days ago  • 

Thanks for the reviews, @mr_chocolatesalmon and @CFusion. Some people found the loud shooting sounds annoying but I think I reduced the volume too much. Won't do that next time :P I did add a sound effect when the player got hit but that was tooo low and i didn't get time to add a particle effect when the player got hit.
Idk CFusion, I've played it quite a few times but that never happened (no projectiles being shot).

 • 10 days ago  • 

@pyxelrfcp Actually, don't worry about it. Turns out I was aiming too low which destroys the bullet immediately. Sorry

 • 10 days ago  • 

For 12 hours, that's a good start! In 3 days this game could've been nice!
I was also frustrated by bullets destroyed upon firing, but pyxelrfcp answered my question :)

 • 9 days ago  • 

Cute little game, I think it could be really fun with more work. My main frustration with it would be the movement, I failed too many jumps and the movement seemed more like an obstacle than a tool. Otherwise it's really neat. Great work!

 • 8 days ago  • 

A few interesting mechanics, the separate healthbars for yourself and the modem were interesting, and having to move to different areas of the map to clear enemies.
The deadly executables seemed a little too unpredictable and gained a lot of momentum from some of the bounces. It was exciting when they'd make a beeline for the modem but after that they often seemed to just chill at the bottom of the map.
Sound was minimal, could probably have done with a little more sound feedback for different actions.

   • 7 days ago  • 

Thanks for the reviews @Yaro, @hattoum and @alyphen! The movement was supposed to be hard as I intentionally gave the player a bounce, but maybe I pushed a bit too much. I'll keep that in mind next time. It's same with the executables, I made them too unpredictable. I seem to have a problem with adjusting the difficulty in jam games, I orginally wanted to create a difficulty option but time didn't permit. And yes, the game would have definetely felt better with more sounds and a music track. Next time I'll pay more attention to those and clear an entire weekend to dedicate myself to the game.

Thanks for the feedback, again :)

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Don't let the executables take away your internet CONNECTION! Made for ScoreSpace x Alakajam in 12-16 hours





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