Rangers of the Cursed Land

Connect the ancient network to reclaim the Cursed Land!

The Rangers… Last of their kind.
The only people in the land who still understand the ancient world and its powers. They are the ones who can survive and defeat the creatures of the Cursed Land. As a Ranger, your task is to connect the lost towers of the land to harness their powers!

Made by
Oliminor & MatchaMaze

Engine: Unity
Graphics: Aseprite, Krita
Audio: Bosca Ceoil, Sound Forge, BFXR
Font: Coder's Crux by Chequered Ink

Made for "ScoreSpace X Alakajam" GameJam! 19-22. June 2020
Theme: Connections
72 hour GameJam

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This game entered in the Team competition (13 entries).

Comments (14)

 • 3 years ago • 

I really like this game. Procedural, which I love. The game has a nice polished feel to it. Great job.

Mills !
(@Mills_Himself) • 3 years ago • 

That was not bad

It seems that it's procedurally generated, and I like that, but the controls ara hard to use (I played this on a laptop, and I have a french keyboard, and the game is by default on fullscreen and I didn't find an option to change that. Also, I closed it by using alt+f4, which is not good)

So anyway, not a revolutionary game, but not bad either.

 • 3 years ago • 

Thsi game is awesome, the idea of connecting up towers to boost their power is really cool, and the audio is nice. The only criticism I have is that it can feel like the RNG affects a lot more than skill. For example, my best score was when I spawned with 3 Health and 3 Mana Towers right next to me, so it just made me able to survive straight away.

 • 3 years ago • 

In it's core it's a simple game with well executed gameplay mechanics (walking and shooting feels pretty satisifying). However I feel like it's lacking in terms of readability and communication to the player.

When I started the game I had no idea, how the towers worked and intuitively having a big beam fired at me, doesn't strike me universally as being buffed or healed. Also the arrows of the skeletons need to be a lot more distinctively visible, as they are the hardest to dodge and as the game get's more busy, it's easy to not even notice incoming arrows.

Also I've got to echo AaronBacon, I think the procedural approach needs a lot more work and generative rules in place. It's not just towers, even riffs can have huge implications, however the difference between a run, where you're constantly starved for ammo versus one where you are sitting comfortably between two to five stacked towers is immense! < also having a stationary network of towers, which never expire really disincentivizes exploration - so the gamespace of the "tower defense" versus the procedural exploration are fighting a bit here.

Ambitious entry with lots of space to tinker and probably just a few changes to make it a truly enjoyable experience. Good job! :)

 • 3 years ago • 

I love the general vibe of the game! Very nice combination of sound and graphics!
The game seems a bit hard at some times (is there an easier way to kill enemies with shield than aiming for their head?), but it's also a plus ,adds to the constant danger feel.
One time I spawned on a tiny island with no towers and no connection to the outside lands xD

 • 3 years ago • 

Wow, I'm impressed at how much you got done during the jam! This is a cool concept and is pretty fun to play. It's a very overwhelming experience, though- the player is being so constantly assaulted by enemies that I find it difficult to put any time or thought into placing connections, making sure I have enough health/energy, or finding towers that can give me what I need. However, this definitely seems like the kind of game that gets more enjoyable as you gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics. I could see myself enjoying a high score competition in this game.

Speaking of high scores, though: how is the score calculated? What's most important: survival time, enemies defeated, connections made, a combination of the above, or something else? I'd especially like to know the answer to this question if this does become one of the competition games; that'd have a huge impact on my strategy.

I'd also like to echo some of the other comments about the procedural generation: it's good that this game has it, but the balance needs tweaking. Like Yaro, I once spawned on an island with no ammo towers and no way out. Other times, I got lucky and had a bunch of already-connected towers nearby.

 • 3 years ago • 

I like that the arrows stick to your character! :D That's so cute. In general the artstyle was super. Feels like a nice, polished game. I had a lot of fun with this one - great job!

 • 3 years ago • 

In short: competent, but bland. Sorry to be blunt.

Connecting a few towers and then camping between a health and an ammo tower is all that it takes to rake in the big points. If the towers expired, as mentioned by elZach, there would be a reason to keep exploring and taking risks. A bigger difference between day time and night time would also help. Maybe there could be something to collect at day time to take the mind off constant survival.

The procedural generation is neat, a big task for a jam though.

Overall: Above Average (6.0)
Graphics: Above Average (6.0)
Audio: Average (5.0)
Gameplay: Average (5.0)
Originality: Above Average (6.0)
Theme: Above Average (6.0)

 • 3 years ago • 

Right off the bat I want to say a couple of things that hopefully don't affect my thoughts on the game. Biggest gripe for me is the donations during jam. I don't mind you have set it so on itch.io, but you should at least have a download link with no donation popup on this page. Second thing is, I'd love to play this in browser, even if it was fullscreen only.

This has a lot of good things going on. Lots of small gripes that can make player forget the good stuff.
It feels good to play in general. Enemies firing mostly out of the screen feels unfair. I'm not sure what you had in mind regarding the strategy of the game. It feels like the network doesn't have that much meaning. What seems to be the most meaningful thing is to find a holy trinity of damage, energy and healing. If there's a spot where all those are close enough, rest is just nice to have. What I end up doing is running around saving energy until I find that (probably very unlikely) combination. Hopefully I have gathered with me a nice network of boosts along the way. Feels kind of one dimensional in the end. I think there's a lot of potential with some tweaks though.

Graphics are pretty cool. I saw your stream during the jam and I was amazed how much cool stuff you had. Some kind of network range indicator would be nice and some of the tower beams are easy to mix up. Also skull feels like a bad thing :D But I don't have a better suggestion either.

Music is pretty repetitive but not annoying. Sounds are a bit too obviously BFXR, but that's acceptable in a jam. When I got going I didn't think it too much.

The UI is alright. The game has a pause menu but I didn't find a way to quit. I'd like to have that on a windows game. Keybindings are pretty much what you'd expect but the game relies pressing E so much it makes walking some directions a bit hard. Right click would have worked better for me.

Great effor for one guy, well done! I'll play some more now :D

 • 3 years ago • 

Quite fun, even if it is rather easy to exploit the AI by moving in circles. Still had a good time though.

 • 3 years ago • 

Congratulations on being Streamer's Choice! 🍾🥂🎉

Loved your game!

  • 3 years ago • 

!!Thank you everyone!!
I will address every issue and comment as soon as I can!

Mr. Chocolate Salmon
(@mr_chocolatesalmon) • 3 years ago • 

Hey mate, congrats on the Streamer's Choice award!

  • 3 years ago • 

@mr_chocolatesalmon, @dorkulon, @Baconinvader, @M2tias, @HuvaaKoodia, @treslapin, @Birdwards, @Yaro, @AaronBacon, @elZach, @Mills_Himself, @Psychic_Ash

First of all, thank you very much for all your feedback!
Thank you for the Streamer's Choice and the 3rd place in the Team Division!

To clear some things:
Yes, the whole map is procedurally generated, "infinit" map, with everything on it!
This ended up being "a bi"t unbalanced. Tried to fix the "island" issue, being stuck on a closed land, but sadly that still seems to happen. Generating stuff needs more time, but I was quite happy even with what we were able to achive.

Should have added an exit button… Or panel… Or something. Sorry!

The score system… So yeah… That's my fault. Forgot to add the score increase to kills and that changes a lot! It was funny to see that the most successful strategy was to run away. :D

The connection system has ended up being confusing, a great rteminder that what clear for you might not be for others. Need to practice making communication clearer!

A lot to think and work on in the future! I'm grateful for all your help!

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