Free fall from hell : Maximum DLC Edition

As a stupid bet, you decided to open a portal to hell and see if you can kill the devil

Mouse Wheel to switch weapon
Move by shooting anywhere (Left click to shoot)

You will go backward each time you shoot somewhere

Shoot as many demons as you can
Fall as far as you can

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This game entered in the Team competition (24 entries).


You made a pact to kill the devil and opened a portal through the 9 circles of hell. Prepare for your fall





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1 @Lokior 103757
2 @Rardo 90632
3 @Heartreiz 70576
4 @Baconinvader 42337
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Comments (11)

a year ago

Awesome work, dude.
The voice taking the level name was really good.
Seems a good fusion overall, 3d with 2d characteristics, truly old school.
However controlling playerbwith gunnis tricky.
p.s : do we really get to fight satan, at last ?

a year ago

Thanks! :D

As we wrote, on the game over screen, Satan Wins.

a year ago

Great game. I liked the graphics and the voice over. It was very difficult and was fun to play. But it was very difficult to shoot the demons while dodging the obstacles (this way I just fell in a corner and concentrated on shooting). I only came to anger this way. Also I want to mention that everytime I shoot and enemy I lost health which is kind of strange and I couldn't read the full instructions because the title was overlapping it. All in all a solid game which reminds me a bit of wolfenstein.

a year ago

It was meant to be a choice, shooting the demons or controlling your descent.

And yeah, the title was a last minute update that we only saw after we built and submit.

Thanks for the input!!

a year ago

Satan won !
Good game, the little demons in 2D in the 3D environement made me laught in the good way
Amazing voice telling the levels' name (and good idea to have different areas as you fall)
A bit tricky to move with the shooting mechanic and in the same time try to kill demons, but I liked it in part because of that.
Good job guys, really nice game made in a such short time !

a year ago

I really liked the audio and visual style of the game, definitely the best aspect. As for the game itself it was fun but way too hard. Maybe there's something I'm missing, but there doesn't seem to be any way to reliably avoid taking damage and demons take too many hits to be safely taken out at a distance. However, I did have fun, so good job regardless. (Also shame you don't get to fight satan, I even glitched my way to the end of Treachery and everything :[ )

a year ago

@Takko Thanks! @JustDuclaux did most of the art/ui, sound design and level design. He'll be super happy to see that you really liked it :)
@Baconinvader the game is meant to be "way to hard", it's kind of our alakajamian brand.
Satan was meant to be in the game but we needed more time. Just and me talked about making a longer version maybe one day, we'll see.

Also, seems that you didn't used the second weapon, which actually as a lower rate of fire but is able to stop your descent and kills demon with one shot.

To make a highscore you need to play with both weapons though.

Thanks for the input :) and you need to tell us how did you glitch exactly :P

a year ago

@Lakior Ah looks like there was something I was missing! Yeah game is much better with the alt weapon, don't know how I missed it. Also I think I glitched out of the world by being pushed by a bunch of demons when I was already pushed up against a wall.

a year ago

Very nice game with a good difficulty.

a year ago

when the theme was anounced the very first thing i thought of was the Bill and Ted Scene where they fall down to hell. you did that, but with guns and explosion!

wasnt too fond of the music tho. Still i liked it. Big Thumbs up!

a year ago

Nice game, but it lack of feedback when you shoot enemies. And the way to move is weird. I mean, I don't really see myself moving. But I liked the graphics and the general atmosphere retro fps style

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