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Free fall from hell : Maximum DLC Edition - 2Lexx Games is in! 0

JustDuclaux • 5 years ago 

Oh yeaaah!
Free fall from hell : Maximum DLC Edition is finally live.
This was a nightmare just for two people but damn we had fun and we laughed of our own stupidity.
Such fun.

I hope you'll have fun, or you'll feel confused maybe. I hope you'll have feelings of any kind while playing.


Back into the fray once more 1

JustDuclaux • 5 years ago 


Me and my good friend Lokior, of the great collective 2Lexx, are on our way to start this second Alakajam together. Of 'Potion Shop Ultra HD Super XL' fame from the first Alakajam we decided, this time, to only make that game as a duo.

So good luck to everyone out there.

Let's have some fuuuun!

Brain Ready 0

JustDuclaux • 6 years ago 

I can't think about anything else than the Jam, the joy of Jamming and working so much you makes mistake that you have to fix while your brain is clearly sleep deprived.

I'm really looking for working with my boy Lokior and two other guys I haven't met yet.
I can't wait to get back that excitation. Designing a game and integrating everything into the engine, building the thing before your eyes.

I've made some really great games while doing Game Jams and I hope we'll provide an awesome game for you to play with or at least a game so bad you'll have fun tear it down. One or the other, no middle ground :D

See you all on the battlefield, I hope y'all have fun!

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