Writer's Block

Fill in the blanks and create your own story!

A choose your own adventure game where all your options are available from the start (mostly ;) ). How many endings can you find?

Made by Baconinvader and Eshace, feedback is appreciated.

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 • 12 days ago • 

The theme is on point and the story is very funny. The game is really simple and easy to pick up. Keep up the good work!

 • 12 days ago • 

It is a nice game to play, decoration of layout is well, I appreciate your product. Nice music affect .
best regard to your next video game.

 • 12 days ago • 

This is by far my favourite one so far! LOL I love how straightforward the game is. Not too much reading, a fun mechanic and the ending hunting gives it great replayability. Laughing at all the things I'm trying to propose to.

 • 11 days ago • 

Really fun experimenting with all the different objects, and trying to get the different endings, nice work =)

 • 9 days ago • 

This was a very fun game,
I am curious, how many combination did you actually planned in advance?
I enjoyed trying a few of them, well done.

 • 8 days ago • 

This is fantastic. I've unlocked a few different endings already but will keep trying. The mechanics are effective and the stories have a lot of humour. The music is solid and very cool in some locations. I also appreciate the animation style on the right-hand page: it's very cool you achieved that wavering animation look with pixel art :)

  • 1 day ago • 

@mesonpi There's around 16 unique endings

 • 1 day ago • 

There are many good things going for this game. I like the changing music that fits the story. Also, you have done a good job of reproducing the feel of a book — page turning is reproduced well. However, I was a bit confused by the number of blank lines that need to be filled. For example, I thought at first that 3 blank lines require a 3-letter word, but this is not the case. It may be better to use just one long blank line. Even so, I like the branching story lines that give the opportunity to unlock new endings. Perhaps more intuitive word choices would also be an improvement — as it is, it seems to be a matter of just trial and error. Anyway, overall it’s a fairly good entry, especially given the time constraints. The underlying concept is imaginative — this game has a lot of potential.

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