Tower Archer Defender

NOTE - Working on fixing the resolution issue with the Windows build. For now I enabled Unity's resolution dialog and you can run it successfully with a reoslution of 1280x720

CONTROLS: Left click and Drag the arrow by the archer to launch it like a slingshot.

OBJECTIVE: Try to kill the brigands before they destroy the tower. Currently only one wave will come but it will loop.

There are so many things i want to add.

  • More Waves
  • More Types of Enemies
  • More Arrow Types
  • Currency system
  • Shooter upgrades

But alas this was fun for my first jam in years.

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This game entered in the Solo competition (27 entries).


You are the lone Archer defending the most important tower in all the land.


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Comments (12)

2 months ago

It's really simple, but I understand all the upgrades you plan to add.
It can be an interesting game with more work (I understand of course the week-end was short!)

It's a pity it's so difficult to master the arrow launching. I fumble alot and get nervous ;) You may fix that fisrt of all.

2 months ago

I suspect the web version is bugged, I couldn't get the archer to shoot.

2 months ago

Hmm Seems to be working fine for me using Chrome. You click and drag the Arrow. But yeah, it's a buggy mess but I might make it my pet project going forward. :)

2 months ago

Web version works great here in firefox

This is a lot more fun than I first expected. There's some real skill to firing the bow and the reload time means every shot really has to count. Some of the physics was pretty wonky, but honestly it just adds to the character of the game. Great animation on the brigands too! I enjoyed this, nice work

2 months ago

@voxel I'm so glad you appreciate the challenge of that arrow cooldown! lol.

in my mind I was thinking there would be a currency system and skill upgrades to increase fire rate, arrow damage, etc. All to help the ever growing difficult enemies.

2 months ago

The game is very funny as it is.
I felt arrow physics a bit off, but firing the arrow is not difficult.
I felt also the characters run too fast for arrows cooldown.

2 months ago

Concept is really neat and propably enjoyable to play but unfortunetly for some reason I couldn't play the game some bug or glitch with controls and archer wasn't shooting

2 months ago

I like the concept here, and when it works it's quite fun. However there are definitely problems. I think the game would have worked better if you could fire arrows more often and with more power, as I felt that it was near impossible to stop enemies from getting to my tower even when my shots were perfect (which admittedly, they weren't).

It's a shame you couldn't add the things you wanted (I think we all know the feeling) but it's good that you were able to at least put out something.

2 months ago

Nice idea, I agree with the others that a shorter cooldown would go a long way in improving the game. So much potential in this game with different types of enemies (also from the sky) and powerups! But so it goes with jams, cool that you could finish the game :-)

2 months ago

Nice little game. After I got the hang of aiming, I made it to the third wave, but somehow I kept missing from then on. It's very useful that your arrows can hit multiple attackers at the same time, when they're all crowding around the base of your tower!

Re "BETTER ART": I think it's pretty good for what it is! It's very readable, and there are animations. Some particle effects could improve it a lot with very little work.

2 months ago

@thomastc Thanks for giving it a play. Curious what your ideas are for particle effects. I'm working on polishing the game after the game jam!

2 months ago

Mostly, add some blood particles when you hit a baddie. Maybe even make the arrow stick inside their body, or let it fall to the ground otherwise. And add a death animation instead of just making them disappear!

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