Defense Diggers

a game about mining and base-building

Defense Diggers is a base building game where you mine for valuables, and then use the money you make to stock up on resources and defenses to survive increasingly large swarms of enemies.

Move - WASD
Mine/Build - Left Click
Select Item - Number Keys/Mousewheel
Select Build Item - Numpad

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 • 2 years ago • 

A lot of content for such a short time! I love the amount of freedom you get to customise your base.
Ammo feels very limited, balancing that with making buildings and defending your base is difficult & engaging.
The music tracks are all really nice and provide a fun atmosphere to the game.

The slimes can be really fast - I'd like it to be easier to outmaneuver them because it really does get difficult fast. Perhaps have the different colours move at different speeds and gradually ramp up to the harder slimes.

Overall a really enjoyable experience with a lot of replayability, I expect I'll keep coming back to this one.

 • 2 years ago • 

Pretty solid game! It had a lot of depth to it with the distinct phases, and pretty solid gun/building combat.

A few issues I found were: The enemy's AI seemed a bit off at times and were unable to reach me completely, with some waves ending with a few hidden enemies walking into walls somewhere, but that didn't stop me from hunting them out shotgun in hand : ) I was able to purchase ammunition multiple times even if I was full and it had a red crossed out symbol over it. Also, I found that buliding a fortress of turrets essentially made me invulnerable, and my run only ended when I chose to leave my fortress of solitude and run into enemies. Finally (and this is more my fault), I actually don't have any keyboards with a number pad, so I was forced to use Window's on screen keyboard.

Other than that, the audio was quite good and built some solid atmosphere, and the entire package overall was pretty engaging and interesting to play, with solid gameplay and design. Well done!

(@jcatie) • 2 years ago • 

Nicely done! Felt like a complete realized game already :)
I ran into the same issue as mentioned that, as I'm using a tenkeyless keyboard, I don't have a numpad so that caught me off guard a bit, but after digging out the on-screen keyboard I managed to buy stuff. Lucky I didn't need to use the numpad for any fast-paced action :D

I definitely agree with others that there's depth and replayability in this. The game did get harder as there seemed to be more and more enemies around and especially the mining phase started feeling more and more scary. The shotgun seemed to definitely be the strongest weapon and the others started to feel like pea shooters after I had ran out of shotgun ammo :D

In the end, the lack of money due to me trying to avoid enemies (with my lack of ammo) in the mining phase was what got me. And the lack of money was probably due to my lack of saving money when I needed to and not building smarter… so as a player I definitely see and feel the depth when just considering what I could have done better.

The only issues I had (besides the numpad) was with the mentioned AI pathing issues during the waves sometimes, and some movement issues after mining a block. I just had slight annoyance with not being able to move into the square I had mined straight away, seemed I needed to move to some other direction before the game realized it was clear.

I encountered one bug where I seemed to spawn inside walls and I couldn't figure out what was happening at first or how it occured. Regardless, restarted the game and it didn't happen again.

So, well done! Also, nice chill music as a bonus :)

 • 2 years ago • 

Cool game! I would have loved this game so much when I was younger :D
You managed to do a lot of stuff during the jam, pretty amazing. How big your team was?
Art was mostly good. I liked the pixel art, but I didn't enjoy the random pixel sizes everywhere. Using pixelated fonts would have been a big plus for me.
Audio was good. The sound effects were recognizable and the background music was really good.
The gameplay worked pretty well. Sometimes shooting was annoying, but not too much. Maybe it was just a matter of learning how to do it. The slippery movement, however, was very annoying. Especially when there's a tight time limit when mining…
The game loop of shooting/mining, then building and finally defending was really nice. Considering the complexity, it was a lot. On the other hand, it's so complex that the whole was kind of lacking. I guess this was a bit overscoped :D
I think I played this well over an hour and then finally gave up because I didn't see it ending ever.
Great job, lots of fun!

  • 2 years ago • 

@alpyphen Glad you liked it! Yes I was originally planning to have more kinds of slimes, including ones that could regenerate and shoot projectiles, but time constraints get the better of us all.

@chiyeon Thank you! I agree that the enemy AI wasn't perfect. I did have to do a lot of botching towards the end to stop them from getting stuck running into each other, and to avoid lag with large amounts of enemies. It probably would have been better for me to make the map smaller so that they wouldn't get lost as easily. Also yes, turrets were kind of OP. I really should have made them have less health or made them more expensive.

@Jcatie Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you had an interesting story to tell about the game lol. Yes I tried to design both the mining and defense stages to get gradually harder over time, though I think the balance falls apart eventually. Sorry about the numpad problems (and to chiyeon as well), I really should have just had a series of buttons instead. I admit I am curious about those bugs you mentioned, since they never occured to me during playtesting. Luckily they didn't seem to have affected your experience too much.

@M2tias Good job getting the high score lol. I guess the balance really does break after a while (or maybe you are just too good 0_0). My team was a 3 man group, with me on programming and then an artist and a musician. I'd include them in "Authors" but I don't think they have AKJ accounts. The pixel art problem came about from mis-communications between the three of us, definitely something to work on next time.

 • 2 years ago • 

It's fun and saturared game!
First of all, very good and clear tutorial

I liked these all phases, where you can freely move & explore. Also there are a big variety of tools & weapons. Shooting mechanics is very clear.
But imo enemies are too hard, it's literally impossible to escape from them. And weapon / building selection is uncomfortable because you can't select it with mouse ;/

  • 2 years ago • 

@DictorDro thanks for the feedback! I'm suprised you found it impossible to escape from the enemies, I made their speed lower than the players, but I suppose there are quite a few of them. I do agree with you on the building selection though.

 • 2 years ago • 

This was quite an addictive experience. Thanks for the on-screen keyboard tip, with a TKL it'd be impossible to play otherwise!

I felt that the game was a bit too easy, but this is maybe because I cheesed my way through it. Since mining gems (i suppose) is as fast as other valuables, if you only focus on those you can build your impenetrable fortress at wave 2-3 and then there is nothing much the monsters can do to you. I suppose the turrets need to be descructible, maybe with a way to repair them.

I found the pistol and uzi to be a bit weak, the shotgun being a great boomstick.

All of this is just a question of balance, the game as it is is very complete and has a hell of a soundtrack! The music during the tower defense parts is my favorite.

Although looking at the high scores maybe I haven't played it for long enough :D

  • 2 years ago • 

@yozy glad you liked it! Yeah I agree that I should have made the game more difficult. I was kind of rushing towards the end so I didn't have much time to balance. Technically the turrets and walls are destructable but they have quite a lot of health (and their health resets every wave). Nice base btw.

 • 2 years ago • 

great game!
unfortunately there was an error realted to loading the sound and i had to remove them.
i could still listen to them while playing. so no negatives there.
i had a lot of fun!

  • 2 years ago • 

@Kesslwovv thanks a lot! Sorry that you had the issue with sound, pygame can sometimes be weird with non-wav files.

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