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I'm in! 2

Kesslwovv • 7 days ago 

I just got some free time so let's go!

Mac and Linux build available 0

Kesslwovv • 2 months ago 

My Game in now also available as a linux or mac executable! ( page)
it took me a week to figure out how to use pyinstaller…
PS: is this considered 'begging for votes' ? if so, please let me know and i will delete this post immediately ;-)

I'm in for the first time 3

Kesslwovv • 3 months ago 

This is my first game jam ever and I'm super excited.

The documentation states:

You are also allowed to use:
Third-party fonts

how does this apply to my own pre-made fonts?

Engine: None
Language: Python
Graphics Library: PyGame
IDE: PyCharm (community edition)
Music: BeepBox
Sfx: I don't know yet…
Graphics: Px Editor 4.2 (improved version of @DaFluffyPotato's Px Editor 3 )

My goals:
I will not be able to do anything on Sunday so here are my goals:

  • finishing the Game
  • making music and sfx (I have never done this before)
  • animations (also my first time)

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by FABBRIBOY, SrLebre, turbo
1030000 July 4th 2021
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5'14"433 July 7th 2021
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