Island Floaters

small platformer game

How to play:
Hop on a platform to move it upward, move left and right to move it accordingly. Hold S to drop down or move a platform down. Get as high as you can before falling/crashing.
Only made this during the last day of the jam so not the best game, but glad I could submit something!


W - jump
S - move down
A - move left
D - move right

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 • 1 month ago • 

An endless platformer but with propelling islands is a cool idea. The controls are hard to handle though - you're both sliding on the islands and the jumping is often unpredictable. I couldn't reach even 300m so far, as the islands vanish very quickly! A challenging game, and congrats on submitting! :-)

 • 1 month ago • 

Took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but pretty unique and well made for the short time spent. It's challenging, especially with the ice physics on everything, but fun. Good job =)

 • 1 month ago • 

My island started to go upwards when I started the game and I just had to stay on the island by pressing left or right. Then I noticed that if I press S I stop sliding sideways so now I don't have to do anything and I'm just going upwards. Got past 3000m a moment ago.

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Gamejolt (Windows/Source)




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