An update on the next Alakajam! 4

Wan • 8 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! 

You may be wondering why little has been announced since the last AKJ Tournament. Behind the scenes, we are actually preparing the 9th Alakajam! to be a special event, and could not announce too much before it is set in stone.

Things are taking shape, so I can tell that the June event should see Alakajam! team up with another community of gamedev enthusiasts :) The two communities make a nice match, as our respective twists to the game jam formula can blend together nicely and make the whole event bigger and more fun. Expect the detailed schedule of this special jam to be announced in the next few days, when all details are finetuned!

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Interesting! Sounds like you've … scored some space with another jam community.

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Sounds awesome! Looking forward to an alakajam with more people participating! :D

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