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Wan • 3 months ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! 

Congrats on everyone who entered the jam, we now have a whopping 51 games to discover and rate! High fives to everyone who managed to submit a game, and also to those who could not due to technical issues, time constraints, etc. Making a game in such a short timeframe is always a challenge.

Ratings phase

For the next five days, all of you who submitted an entry or registered as streamers will be able to play, rate and comment on the games for five days. All games supporting high scores will also let you compete and post your best scores with screenshots as proof :)

Please take that chance to actually review, comment on and rate games: the more you contribute to this phase, the higher you karma will be… And having a high karma makes you more visible on the game list. Only games who received enough ratings will be in the final standings.

Special awards and competition

At the end of the ratings phase, three things will happen:

  1. Jam results are released: the final ratings and standings are published, and we'll celebrate the winners of both categories
  2. Special awards winners are announced: the best Solo and Team games supporting high scores will be chosen for the streamer competition, with the third game being elected by streamers themselves!
  3. The streamer competition starts: as soon as the special awards are revealed, a competition starts for 24 hours. It will use the same high score system you can already use, with an additional leaderboard on top attributing points to streamers according to how well they placed. Pick a streamer to root for and expect some cool streams to follow from Saturday to Sunday evening.

See the relevant parts of the rules page for more details on how the awards and competition work.

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