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In the end, it was a mortal heart that ruined two worlds from salvation, and unleashed the Prime Evil forever.​ A new day breaks for both Demons and Balls. For Ballkind's greatest champion, the Diaball, rose to confront the purity that we, in our pride, would not face.​

Play with mouse, everything should be "explained" in game… but since people seem to be missing it, pay attention on third level, there is an apparently missable nugget of information there that makes the game a whole lotta easier.

🎮🕹️ Download or play online on itch.io 🕹️🎮

🛠️ Tools used

  • Unity 2018 (with Post Processing and Anima2D)
  • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Bfxr
  • Garage Band
  • SunVox

🐛 Known bugs

  • One of the hearts one the 12th level isn't required
  • Holding down the mouse button before a diaball spawns will trigger the slowdown but not show the lines or slow down the music
  • Sometimes music slowdown remains even after releasing the mouse button (will fix itself on the next click)

🎞️ Gameplay video

Gameplay video

🎥 Dev timelapse

Dev timelapse

🖥️ Screenshots

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