Voodoo Lockdown

External entry Made for Ludum Dare 39

Abandoned ancient ruins… ✔

No visible way out… ✔

Weird space-age machinery running dangerously low on juice… ✔

Impending doom… ✔

Gotta find the main control room…

Created for Ludum Dare 39. You can find the game submission page here.

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 • 2 years ago  • 

Excellent game, the 1st spot on the Innovation rating category was well deserved! Having us actually study the letter shapes on our keyboard was a fun experience.

I'm not sure I would have figured out the last level without @thrainsa's input, that was pretty original as well.

I really like how there are several solutions to each level, for instance in the screen near the ending when you have to go below the wall then up again, I managed to pull off a I/O/H combination (with only 1 HP remaining :P) but I have no idea if that was the "original solution".

With more contents I assume each player would eventually come up with helpful combinations to learn and reuse according to each situation, which could be pretty cool. I've read that you're already working for a post-compo version with a lot more puzzles, I'm really curious to see more cool stuff being made around this core mechanic!

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Ancient ruins, weird machines, impending doom...


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