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Sacrifice Now
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King of Mithril
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Robot Forest
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Run for your life is a Fantasy Endless runner plateformer.
The basic idea came from the movie the Hobbit with the goblin chase

I wanted to create an endless runner where you have a party of adventurer that need to create their path through a lot of monsters and plateforms. The have to use magics and the environment to defeat their enemies.

To get there, I started with a smaller version where you only have one character with a fireball and that will need to avoid Ogres or destroy them to get further. This version is also inspired by "Jetpack joy" another endless runner ;)

I would be happy if you can try it and give me your feedbacks and/or ideas to get closer to my first idea.
Have fun ;)


Just to remind you that you can specify Platforms available for your game and you can add some Tags to help people on the search engine ;)

Good luck every one for the last hours


There is 3 teams open on the find team website. This is a good opportunity if you don't know if you can create a whole game alone ;)


Despeat the fact that we start the jam late, I'm really pleased of what we achieved so far.
The basics system seems good, but we still need lots of polishing and difficulty adjustment.

I still have lots to do since @wan is polishing the website and @ihnaut could not be here today.
It's time for lunch before the last sprint!