Cthulhu's Cannibal King

External entry Made for Game Dev Party #10

Find food and make a fire… But hurry! Because when the sun sets, this island becomes less desert than it seems. How could we escape the place?

Cthulhu's Cannibal King was made by a team of five over a week-end, for the 10th Game Dev Party, a real-life game jam based in Lyon, France. As per the rules of the jam, the game title has been randomly picked from an online generator.

Our goal was to see how far we could go down the route of making a first-person survival game in a week-end. A good portion of the art was grabbed from the Unity asset store. In the end we were quite surprised how well the game ended. It takes about 10-15mn to beat.


  • The game is in French only :)

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Yet another Steam Early Access survival game!