I'm in for my first 72h gamejam in solo 1

Thrainsa • 1 year ago on ScoreSpace x Alakajam! entry  Portal Racer

This will be my 8th Alakajam but I usually participate with @Wan and more recently with @Balboom.
Sadly, this time they won't be available so I decided that I'll try making a game in solo.

My plan for this jam will be to play with some things I want to try with Unity
I would like to try the new input system, the new UI builder and if I can find an idea that permits it, I would love to try the ml-agent package to create an AI.

I know this will be a big challenge to try so much things but who cares? ^^
And I restricted myself, I will not try the new DOTS system in beta :D

Here's what I'll be using:

  • Unity
  • VS Code
  • Blender for low poly
  • Paint.net if I need some 2D
  • and I have no idea what for sound if I have some time left for it

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Can't wait to see you compose some music :D

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