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Thrainsa • 4 years ago on 8th Alakajam! 

Theme Ranking is up for the 8th Alakajam!

You can now choose which are the best themes for you and this 8th Alakajam.
These 10 themes came out from a list of 174 themes so they are surely all good but which one is THE THEME?

To give you motivation and inspiration, try to give us here an elevator pitch of a game having the more themes ;)
I'll start:

You found a Treasure Map that reveals Secrets Loots coming from Among the stars. Theses loots were buried in the Depth of the sea by a powerful Summoner. Your journey starts in a peaceful Harbour but The road will be long and perilous until you can finally Steal the secrets from the summoner. As soon as you leave the harbour the Weather starts to to change and soon the worst storm you've ever seen is upon you…

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(@Cloie) • 4 years ago • 

Following the treasure map was the easy part, and somehow you got there first. However, you were not the only Summoner to receive it and if you are to get your loot back to safe harbour you must first weather the road ahead. Secrets hide in the depth of night among the stars, and they would seek to steal away your prize…

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