Rocket Jumper

The game is not completely finished, but feel free to rate & review it!

Hop from rocket to rocket and stay on screen as long as you can :)


The game is not as finished as I intended, so I'll try to keep on impriving it until the deadline. Missing stuff that may or may not be completed in the final version:

  • In-game oxygen explanations (= tap mid-air to air jump & consume some)
  • Oxygen should deplete with time once above the atmosphere (and be refilled through pick ups)
  • Sound needed
  • Nicer rockets needed
  • Better difficulty curve
  • More background art


27.01: Kajam release

  • Art pass
  • Refined controls & physics
  • AI-based level generation
  • Oxygen resource, can be used to jump mid-air
  • Tutorial through signs

05.01: 1HGJ Version

The initial prototype was made on January 5th for the 193th 1HGJ. It features no art, only one rocket and a handful of bugs ;)

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Hop from rocket to rocket!


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@toasty 25431
@Tegu 19222
@Thrainsa 10961
4 @dollarone 8310
5 @Wan 6300
6 @M2tias 4489
7 @SnowFox 2310
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Comments (7)

6 months ago

This is excellent! I know this because even though I'm terrible it at I'm still having fun, which is what hypercasual games are all about right? I thought the O2 meter was some kind of timer I had to try and survive but it's for double jumping?

It's a little difficult for me, but that's better than it being too easy. Good example of 'easy to learn, difficult to master'. I look forward to seeing what kind of ridiculous high scores people get.

Also great job with the backgrounds, feels like I'm getting somewhere

6 months ago

Really good hyper casal game :) Starts tough which I think is important in a hyper-casual. The more I played the higher scores I started getting. I definitely see a solid skill curve and it's good!
Would definitely be nice to get some sound, it's a bit empty at the moment.

I didn't work out the oxygen mechanic until I read the patch notes but it's cool, I like it. The idea of having pickups to replenish it which would force the player to move around chasing them is good.
You should enable high scores on the site, I got 2139 :)

6 months ago

Thanks for the nice feedback!

@Ztuu I hope to finetune the contents & difficulty before to open the high scores! Hopefully I'll give it enough replayability to submit it for the upcoming tournament

6 months ago

@wan Sounds good, seems like a perfect tournament game!

6 months ago

Nice casual game Wan ;)
I like the concept, it's easy to understand but still hard at the beginning.
I didn't understand the O2 mechanic before reading the previous command.
It feel easier on the web version than on mobile but it's possible that I'm just becomming better ;)
I just score 5856 (I think it was between 2000 and 2200 my max on android)

I like the idea from @Ztuu of having pickups to replenish oxygen. You could also have other pickups like a jetpack for exemple ;)
The only thing I feel frustrating are the top of the rocket with your character that bounce on it ><

6 months ago

I think this game was soundly addictive, and while I wasn't particularly good at it I still enjoyed playing it! The changing backgrounds gave off a feeling of progression that made me want to get higher and higher. Not sure if there was anything else other than earth, then space because I kept leaping off to my doom, haha. I think you have a very entertaining game!

6 months ago

Parts of this game felt slightly unrealistic. I mean, in real life it's not much harder to breathe at 2 km altitude than at sea level, and stars during daytime normally won't appear until you're well into the the top of the atmosphere, like 50 km or so? I guess what I'm saying is you could do the distance x10 and please some of the KSP players out there ;) But the part where you are jumping off rockets is entirely believable, of course.

For beginning players, maybe the arrow is a bit too subtle and you could draw part of the parabola instead (Angry Birds style). Not sure if that would make it too easy.

I never felt that the level generation was unfair or impossible, so I guess your AI is doing its job. Awesome idea! Maybe around the 1000 mark it got a bit too hard too quickly, but maybe I was just unlucky.

Tiny detail: on the web, please let me press space bar to restart. It breaks the flow if I have to reach for the mouse each time.

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