Robot Forest

External entry Made for Ludum Dare 36

----[ THE GAME ]----
Robot Forest is an action platformer, fight against the old machins and descover all secrets of this forbidden place and find a generator to save your village

----[ STORY]----
The energy shield is running out and someone need to go to the Robot Forest to find a new generator. Techsa the Bot Hunter, and her petbot LD36 are the chosen one to save the village.

----[ TUTORIAL ]----
Use ZQSD or WASD or arrows to move.
Use the mouse to target and click to shoot
After 0.9s bending your bow, you use your energy to create a powerful shot.

Tips 1: Max strength arrow after 1.8s about 10 times the power of the simple one ;)
Tips 2: May be this different arrow can be useful?

Use full screen on the embedded player to seen every things, it's missing 60px otherwise

----[ THE TEAM ]----
Programming : Manu
Design: Prohibé
Music: Kay Lo


  • Chrome: OK
  • Firefox: OK (laggy on the WebGl version)
  • Edge: OK (laggy on the WebGl version)
    The Canvas version has really better performance but one small issue which is a small black line on the background where this one repeat itself.

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