Portable Looping Machine

Stars have fallen down from the sky, and they're stuck in such unreachable spots! Coincidentally, you've just finished a prototype of a Portable Looping Machine (patent pending). Seems like a good time to give 'PLM' a whirl…

Key Action
WASD / Arrow keys Move
W / Up Arrow Jump
Esc / O Open restart / exit menu
Space Turn PLM ON / OFF

I have only tested the WebGL & Windows builds.
Tested in the following resolutions: 1280x720, 2560x1440.

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 • 1 year ago  • 

Very cool mechanic. I haven't seen anything like that before, and it made for some really cool puzzles. It got a little frustrating sometimes with glass blocks that wouldn't break and would require a level reset, and the graphics and audio loop leave a lot to be desired. That said, the core of the game is so strong! I could see this sort of thing being copied.

 • 1 year ago  • 

Really great concept and good levels making use of it. The platforming could be improved for some edge cases, sometimes got stuck on a corner that I was jumping on to and was only able to move back off of it, not forward.

 • 1 year ago  • 

Very original. I'm also a bit frustrated by little implementation problems.
However, it's a really good idea, that is certainly worth developping.
Imagining the puzzles must have been a serious task?!

 • 1 year ago  • 

I really liked this! I'm a massive portal fan so the mechanic immediatey reminded me of that.

Graphics aren't bad, I like the little audio track was catchy and fitted well.
Overall a clever puzzle game with an interesting mechanic. I like the addition of secret levels its a nice attention to detail.
Great job :)

   • 1 year ago  • 

Hi everyone and thanks for the feeback!

Hey @Kleinzach! Are you sure the glass blocks were bugged? To break a glass block you require quite a height to fall from.

@dwemthy I'm aware of the buggy platforming and I would like to fix it. This was my first attempt at a platformer so the implementation is very shoddy. If I work more on this that will be the first problem I'll tackle.

Hi @pvsevrain! Yeah, I really took the time to make levels. I implemented TiledSharp to use Tiled Map Editor from the get-go, so making levels was simple and fast!

@Ztuu How many secret levels did you find? ;)

 • 1 year ago  • 

Hey! Cool mechanics and clever level design. Just making a note that the controlsinfo in the webGL-version are wrong. Took me a while to realize that the spacebar wasn't making me jump but froze the border instead.

   • 1 year ago  • 

Hey @elZach thanks for the heads up! I fixed it for the web version.

 • 1 year ago  • 

Perfect Match of puzzles. Gamer like who loves to play puzzle games it is a perfect match for them.
Just if you can add some info about what to really do in the game it would be really great.

 • 1 year ago  • 

quite enjoyed this, once i worked myself out of using space for jump that is ;)

 • 1 year ago  • 

Very interesting game design. I've never played any game of this sort before. I love it.

It's one of the few games that I've completed playing while rating for others' games.

 • 1 year ago  • 

This game is so cool! Very orignial and a cool 2D take on the portal mechanic!

 • 1 year ago  • 

What a cool take on the theme! The levels were really fun, so good job on designing those! I don't play a lot of puzzle games, so tbh it took me a while to figure out some of the levels.

 • 1 year ago  • 

I made it to the secret level 7, got the key, then got stuck on (as in I couldn't move) the ledge with the door(?).

The mechanic is amazing, but I think it could've been implemented a bit better. Everything feels a bit clunky and it's hard to do what I intend to do. I think this mechanic would've been better if it were used on a top-down game. The music was pretty good, but the graphics needed some work and the game as a whole needed a bit more polish.

Overall though, I love the idea. I just think that it should've been implemented a bit differently. Good work!

 • 1 year ago  • 

Woah this is a really cool mechanic and idea! I had a lot of fun playing with it and the level design really helps support your core mechanic.

I'd love to see a more polished post-jam version of this game!

 • 1 year ago  • 

Really nice gameplay and lot's of levels. I also like the hidden levels.
The only complains would be the hitbox that block you sometimes and the fact that on some of the last levels you have to restart often if you make a mistake ;)
But overall a really nice entry. I played it during some time to finish the game :)

 • 1 year ago  • 

Wow, this is an extremely clever puzzle game. I could easily see this further developed into a full product.

The audio is simple but functional. Same for the graphics.

Sadly there seem to be some physics bugs that allowed me to complete some levels in unexpected ways.

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