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Almost there before the deadline 1

cygni • 5 years ago 

Less than three hours left and I still need to finish everything!

Here's where the game was last night:

And here's an update from this morning:

A huge improvement, I think, but I still need to change that damn lime color. It's going to be a mix and match game, so an NPC tells you the spell they want to buy and you have to pick the best ingredients for it.

My teammate enlightningbugs finished all the art yesterday, so at the very least the game will be pretty to loook at.

I'm here again! 1

cygni • 5 years ago 

Hey everyone, I'm back for the first jam of 2019!

This one started while I was at work, so I lost a few hours at the beginning. But this time, I have internet in my apartment, so I won't need to rush back and forth to the nearest starbucks like I had to do last time.

I'll be working in a team of me using Twine and my friend providing the art!

I did some brainstorming last night and I have the general idea of what I want to do. You play as a shopkeeper and sell spells! You need to pick the appropriate spell ingredients, an action to perform the spell, and an incantation to say. Hopefully, as long as I have enough time to write all that.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Done!! 0

cygni • 5 years ago 

And my entry is FINISHED!

This was so much fun to make! I'm pretty happy with it, so I hope y'all enjoy it too. I'm entering in Solo without graphics or audio. Shout out to @enlightningbugs for making the cover art and also for listening to me monologue about the game all weekend.

Here's an update of what the final Twine map looks like:

A big improvement from how I started.

Final stats:
10303 Characters
1603 Words
28 Passages

I woke up this morning and immediately continued to work on this, so now I'm going to go eat. I'm excited to play all the entries!

Progress! 0

cygni • 5 years ago 

I'm here! I'm working with Twine for this jam, so when "falling" was announced, I was stumped. I was still at work for a few hours at the beginning, but by the time I got home I had a basic idea of what to do.

Progress so far! Since Twine is text based, I'm not using any graphics (or sound), so I decided to get a sense of "falling" by using a timer. The player will have between 30-60 seconds to get through what parts of the story they pick and then see where that gets them when the game ends. I'm inspired in part by Queers in Love at the End of the World.

It took me a few tries to implement a timer, made even harder since I had limited access to the internet yesterday. The way I initially wanted to use the timer didn't work with how the Twine format works, but I have a timer now and it's functional, which is what matters!

New to Alakajam 4

cygni • 5 years ago 

Hi, I'm cygni! I found Alakajam a few weeks ago and recently joined now that the 4th one is coming up. This'll be my first jam, so I'm excited to make something for it!

I use Twine for anything I make right now and I want to learn another engine, but I'll be sticking with Twine for this one.

There's a lot of themes so far that I like, so I'm looking forward to see how the voting goes!

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