Not a unique title, I know. But it's a Twine game about remembering how you fell in love or how your relationship fell apart, depending on your choices.

You don't need to read all of the passsages in one playthrough to get a complete ending. Any number of passage combinations will still get an ending once the timer hits 0.

Playable in browser on itch.io. Click on the blue hyperlinks to interact with the story. There's no graphics or audio (maybe next time).

Each path has a unique code printed at the end screen reflecting what choices the player made. Let me know which one you get! The codes translate to scores between -7 and 7.

Cover art made by: @enlightningbugs

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This game entered in the Solo competition (46 entries).


A 46 second Twine game


Play on itch.io



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 • 1 year ago  • 

Interesting take on the theme. I liked the overall tone of your writing.
First time playing I didnt realize why the game was suddenly over and I can't say I'm tooo much of a fan of the timepressure while reading - although I gotta admit it's an interesting twist on the genre and ties into the theme quite well.

Nice to see a twine game in a jam. :)

 • 1 year ago  • 

After I clicked all five options, I still had time counting down. I had to wait 30 seconds for my sekrit code!

 • 1 year ago  • 

Ending: 2 2 a 2 2

Interesting micro story. The timer was a little odd, since you could just start all over again. After running out of time a couple of times I had my choices memorized and fast-clicked through everything to get my full ending code. The writing was enjoyable and managed to keep my interest for the duration of the game. A music track would have spiced the game up :).

 • 1 year ago  • 

Deep, Meaningful and incredible.
Mine : 1 1 a 0 x

 • 1 year ago  • 

@elZach Thanks! I originally wanted to include text "falling" down the screen, but I wasn't able to get it to work and didn't want to spend too long on one thing, so I decided on using a timer.

@laaph I'm impressed you got through everything in 16 seconds. Maybe for a post-jam update, I'll add something extra for if/when a player gets through everything before the timer ends.

@bradur I added the restart option just out of conveince for myself/the player lol. I was a bit unsure about the writing, so thanks! The scenes were originally longer before I realized the player could think they wouldn't have enough time to read and just skip most of the text.
And yeah, I really wish I could've added music to this, but that's one of the limitations of the Twine format I used.

@Orionintheforest Thanks for playing and sharing the ending you got!

 • 1 year ago  • 

Ending: 1 2 a 2 1

Well written story, way better than mine. I also like the ending and timer mechanics: they add a little more game to the interactive story. I didn't miss graphics. Sounds effects (rinning phone/knock on door) would have been a nice touch.

 • 1 year ago  • 

I don't dig the timer very much. Interactive fiction should be explored at one's own pace IMO. By racing through without properly reading the text, I got:

Ending: 2 1 a 2 1

 • 1 year ago  • 

@maartene @thomastc
Thank you both!

People so far seem to either love or hate the timer, which is interesting. Given the endings people have posted so far, I think I've done a bad job at explaining the game. The timer makes reading all five parts in one sitting impossible because the player isn't supposed to read all five at once. Reading any number/combo of the scenes still gets a complete ending no matter what.

Off the top of my head, I think there are 10 different endings? It's the choices the player makes in the time they have that dictate the ending they get and the state of the relationship. The best and worst endings, for example, only happen if the player goes to three different sections and makes the best or worst choices. Letting the timer run to 0 and doing nothing even gets a unique ending. Of the endings shared so far, there's been a little variation, but they've all been very similar since most people visited all five sections.

To fix this, I'm going to add some instructions/hints to the game description that hopefully clears this up.

 • 1 year ago  • 

I'm a very slow reader and I felt really pressured by the timer. :(
It seemed to be very well written.

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