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Joined a year ago

dwemthy a month ago

Ready to throw something together in Godot over the weekend and pretend I can draw!

dwemthy 5 months ago

Instead of joining in the jam this weekend I'll be using the time to collaborate with @ReturnToBaconLake on building up a previous Alakajam entry into a full game.
Can't wait to play all the entries though!

dwemthy 8 months ago

Casting for fish, with magic!

Magic lure #1 with some temporary "borrowed" assets

dwemthy 8 months ago

Last one I didn't plan for and ended up kind of half-assing. Got my buddy doing art joining this time, gonna make something weird!

dwemthy a year ago

Decided last minute to join in even though I couldn't devote the whole weekend to it. Came up an idea based on the theme while I was at work and got started once I was home. Pretty happy with the results: Tetris-like game where you move pieces by jumping off of them with a little ninja,

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