Curse Of Hahn Khah

Jump, push, and pull on falling blocks to make lines!

This is based off of my entry to Alakajam 4: Falling. Been working on it (slowly) since then.

You play as a mummy trying to escape his tomb. Each level is played against a boss creature that drops blocks on you. You push and pull them around by jumping and using your abilities in order to clear lines.

Primarily looking for feedback on how tough each boss is and how the abilites+platforming feel.

There are some issues with story mode progression that I'm aware of, namely that the doors to continue are missing on some levels.

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 • 1 month ago • 

Very nice mix of tetris and jump and run mechanics. I enjoyed the character portraits and dialogue, as well as the actual gameplay. The display of which block will come next also works great!

It seems that I did get stuck in the level. Not sure if this was because of the mentioned issue with the doors?

 • 1 month ago • 

The mechanics in this game are great and it has real potential. I struggled to get the jumping right, I think because the player moves sideways so much faster than upwards; not sure if that's intentional though.

It wasn't completely clear to me what I had to do after erasing a row of blocks - do I catch the cat somehow? I tried but wasn't able to get past that point. Still, I really like the nature of the game and I think you could easily develop it into something commercial. I think it could really work well on mobile too; is that something you're aiming for?

 • 1 month ago • 

Same issue as @toasty, I couldn't progress past level 1. After clearing a line the cat speaks and then… the game just waits. I can jump around, tried touching the cat, tried jumping out the top of the level, but nothing happens. A pity because it seems fun, and the art (especially the characters) is really good!

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